Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School Trustee Update

So Rolf sent something out. I didn't get one on my block, but I was lucky enough to be able to mow my son's grass (he lives 2 blocks up the same street) and take in his mail. Lo and behold, a printed communique from Rolf telling me how he's qualified and what he wants to do. One for sure, 2 maybes.

Active Transportation (Read as Bicycles)

Let me begin with this. I own a bike, I can ride it, I enjoy riding, and no John Gerard, I don't wear a helmet and you can't make me. (Actually in this Nanny State, if he ever comes into a position of any authority I'm sure he'll try). I believe in the "Build it and they will come" philosophy. I believe that bike counts would increase if good infrastructure was available to use, BUT read that last sentence again. I said GOOD.
What we see going on in Winnipeg is a lot of things... but it's not GOOD.
The Bishop Grandin Bike path.OK, this one looks like it makes sense. It's distinct and off the roadway, probably important during rush hour. Since bicycles are not allowed to pass stopped vehicles on the right, you wouldn't bother riding on Bishop Grandin during rush hour because you'd just be sucking in a lot of exhaust fumes, but look at this other crap we're "investing in".
Sherbrook, Assiniboine, some route through the North End, down town... I look at the lines on Princess and shake my head. This is what passes for a bike route?
My lovely wife and I had the glorious opportunity to travel Europe earlier this summer. I think in Europe they hire people to go out and actually THINK through the plans standing on the street, watching the dynamics of the traffic and how it works.
Consider Rome. A city that is fairly clean and beautiful except for the graffiti problems, they manage traffic with trams, buses, cars, scooters.... and a few goofs might attempt to use their bikes, but not many. The major traffic routes are just that. MAJOR TRAFFIC ROUTES. Old city walls with the original arches accepting lanes of traffic, trams, buses. This city doesn't have an abundance of space where it can grow an area by tearing things up. You tear something up and you remove the very fabric of the city. Bicycle paths are installed in areas where they make sense, where people will use them, and they are NOT installed where the public will simply ignore them. Maybe we're a long way from Rome, after all, we don't consider red lights optional. We'll move on to a "newer" city.
Cologne. Here's a place where people RIDE their bikes, and can do so safely for 10 or 11 months of the year, (Maybe even 12 depending on the snow fall) This place was pretty much levelled during the last great war (that they started) and rebuilt from scratch. Granted, they rebuilt everything just as it was, but they had the chance to add a few things like bike paths. Bridges specifically have two distinct areas for peds and cyclists, and there are NO barriers between the roadway and the active transportation lanes. (Shades of "I don't feel safe on Disralie, someone will get hurt") Pedestrian malls exist in a dynamic, healthy down town where the ground floor is mercantile and the top 2 or 3 floors are residential. People go there all day long to eat, drink, shop, work... it's idyllic, but it's NOT Winnipeg. I did not see a plethora of bikes, regardless of the nice weather, or the infrastructure. People there ride the bus, take the train, or a tram. Bikes co-exist with pedestrians, but it's risky.
In Berlin (also devastated during the war) I was caught walking on the sidewalk, but on the area of red/pink asphalt. I was "belled" at a few times. That's where the bikes are. Cyclists are still able to use the roadway, but can choose to ride on the protected,dedicated areas of the SIDEWALK. What I did notice is that people there OBEY the traffic laws. Perhaps the peaceful co-existence is about the respect you are given when you approach a red light and actually STOP and wait. Maybe the cyclist who is on the sidewalk stopping when there is a red light indicating you may not cross and doesn't helps foster the sort of tolerance we don't have here.
The crem de la crem for bikes is Amsterdam. Three level parking garages, literally thousands of bikes at the train station, dedicated paths, dedicated lights, dedicated riders. Everyone here owns a few bikes, most of which are what I'd consider "crap". NO ONE is making good time here on a bike. The BTTF crowd with their tight shorts and tops, shaved legs and aero dynamic helmets are not welcome in Amsterdam. They'd probably take your fancy bike and pitch it into the canal. Your kind of thinking is NOT what makes it work in Amsterdam. What makes it work is that there is no parking, the close proximity of everything you need within a 5 minute ride, and NO SNOW for 4 months of the year.
I am SO SICK AND TIRED of these clown on bikes in December trying to ride in the rut of snow. I have to pass this clown on slippery, narrow lanes only to have the jerk pass me on the right at the next light again (Illegally). Now I need to go through this spiel again!? No sir, I pull as far to the right as I can... you are NOT going to have this easy... but the clown goes around me on the left, or up onto the sidewalk for a stretch and then back onto the street after crossing in the cross walk against the red. This is COMMON PLACE and no one does anything about it.
"What's you point boy? Wrap it up... You're , I say, you're ramblin, son'" (In my best Foghorn Leghorn)
The infrastructure that leads to the actual USE of the bike routes is well considered. It was planned out over years and executed in a way that makes sense. It's "intuitive". In Winnipeg, we have some guy sent out with a spray can to mark lines on the road before the construction crew shows up... and he and his buddy are pacing off things with strides instead of a measuring device. In the rush to spend "stimulus money", we do a shitty job, because we're in a rush. Well I don't think this is much different than a renovation. You had better spend some time planning it out, because if you start making it up on the fly, changing as you go, you will screw it up, and it'll cost you either money to fix it, or you'll have less of a result than you could have had for the same amount of money... or less.
The people planning these things have likely never spent enough time in a city where there is snow for 4 months and where trey are not blessed with a vast amount of extra space to expand the active transportation routes to even have a clue as to how this whole thing might work.  I know this because of what I see. It all makes NO SENSE. We blew $20 million (plus) and end up with something most people won't use.
Good job.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Trustees

Here's where elections become a bit like drawing straws or casting lots. Who are these people, and what makes them think I should vote for them? In my area (SD 1 Ward 2), I have 3 to choose out of 7 candidates. There are a few whose name I recognize who I guess want to be elected based on their name recognition. They've been there, their names are sorta familiar, and we should tick the box (or mark an X) next to their name. (actually I think we connect the line forming an arrow, but whatever)
Only 2 have made the effort to get a web page together. One over uses the !!! in his paragraphs, hopefully only for effect. Seems genuine, grass roots, independent. (Bradley McKay) The other likely got money from some orange election machine as he is "endorsed by the NDP. (Anthony Ramos)
I'm so sick of School Trustee positions being the teething ground for NDP politicians. Sorry Anthony, I CAN'T vote for you simply because you are associated with a wasteful party that believes that everyone should pay their fair share except cottage owners, who should pay twice as much as their fair share. OK, that's not the only reason I can't vote for an NDP endorsed candidate, but you get my drift.
So far I got 1 out of 7 I could vote for.
The Chair of the Board of Trustees is (in my memory) best remembered for threatening to sue 1290 TALK, John Collision and Gerald Fast before accepting a cash settlement, (and maybe for ragging on Mike Babinsky, but who can blame her for that?) She told us in the WFP that it's a difficult balancing act, and they had to either raise taxes, or cut programs, but teachers salaries were to blame, and that they can re negotiate the contracts in June of 2010. Did they? Are our taxes going up? (1.9%?) Nope. Not yet. The current school year has NO CONTRACT, and negotiations start in January. NICE JOB! There's a way to get re-elected. You can tell us in January how it'll all turn out. NEXT!
I googled Cathy Collins and got her Facebook site for re-election. Seems she's also running in Jordanville NY where her daughter set the page up... There was also a hit from the WAG under Gallery Staff, but who knows if that's her or not...NEXT
Myra Maralee. Seems Google has her hit as an aboriginal educator, award winning, all sounds good, awards from teachers associations. Why doesn't Myra tell us herself? Myra gets a maybe.
I mentioned Bradley McKay. No hits from what I can tell. He gets a maybe for his efforts only.
Kenny Moran. I think he's a Green Party Examiner writer. Now I never liked Elizabeth May, her boy, or the fact that she tried to (and did) get air time as a real candidate in the federal election. These folks all seems a little screwy to me... NEXT.
Rolf Salfert. Retired Teacher... grade 6. This guy deserves the job just for having survived, BUT why no info? Why'd I have to dig up a WFP blog from Nick Martin? Seems this guy has a lot of hits from the WSD1 and WFP, most of them good. Maybe.
I think that's 3 maybe's.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Light cameras are all about safety

I was the guy at the dinner table, gently rebuked for my stance against the Red light cameras from the get go. I reasoned that they are NOT about safety, because they do nothing to STOP a person speeding, they simply generate a fine against the registered owner of a motor vehicle, nothing more, nothing less.
Same goes for the mobile units in "play ground" and "school zones"... and the much reported on "construction zones" where tickets were issued at night when no work was being done.
Well it turns out our City has been lying to us. Sure, they'd take the "we didn't lie", path, convincing us they... didn't lie, but would we be naive enough to fall for it? I'm sure some would, after all they were gullible enough to believe it in the first place.
Turns out the accident stats were those as reported to/by the Winnipeg Police department, NOT MPIC. Who reports an accident to the Police? They don't even want to TALK to you, let alone take an accident report. You only need to report an accident to the Police if the damage to your vehicle is damaged in excess of $1000, so a minor bumper denting doesn't count, and no one really follows up with you if you don't make a report. It seems the Police stats show accidents being reduced, where MPI shows them INCREASE at red light camera intersections.
Nice. Real safe. I like the one on Kenaston northbound at St.Matthews. You leave the red light at Ness and do one of 2 things. You race at 95 Km/h to make the light, locking up the read brakes as you approach the camera and sliding through at 75Km/h and then make the light at Silver AND at Ellice... or...
You drive at 50Km/h and piss of everyone behind you, stop at the light because you know it's set up as a trap, and never to be synchronized in a 70 Km/h zone (read made for a revenue stream NOT as a traffic signal designed to promote the orderly flow of traffic). You then stop at Silver, and again at Ellice. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how upset I get on Kenaston or Bishop Grandin. Stop at a light, accelerate to 70 Km/h, stop at the next light. WHy not just make it a 60 and get the lights to work? Or a 50? or a 40? JUST FIGURE IT OUT!
Now I could go on a rant over the traffic engineers, but they have no orders to make the streets flow properly, if they do, they don't get fired when traffic backs up every day, and they stay at their desks for 35 years and get a pension. Nice gig if you can get it. I'll bet these clown get $75K a year to screw up traffic in Winnipeg.
If you're not going to read the links, the increase is double, or triple the amount of accidents that occurred after cameras were installed. All about safety my ass.
Of course, the Police continue to tell us they are necessary, but then the Chief likes the gun registry too, so who cares what he says? Another clown saying what he's told to say.

What was I saying yesterday about Sam and bike paths near his Ball Park?

Soooooooooooooooo. Check out todays breaking news at the freep

So today Sam is ultimately responsible, and he stops construction. What happened last month? And the month before that? Where was Sam for Sherbrook? Assiniboine? How does a guy whose on the bile lobby get called a "stake holder" and think closing Albert is a good idea? Why does the CoW web page say,
"Winnipeg’s surge in active transportation programs is championed by the Mayor and strongly supported by Council and energetic community groups" ?
What's wrong Sam? Is the bike BS getting too close to the ball park? Afraid they're going to screw up traffic going to the game? Today we are to believe Sam is a champion for the people of that area because they weren't consulted properly.
NO ONE was consulted properly! Maybe Kevin Nixon and his group of "Gotta spend it", "Use it or loose it", like minded councillors like Jenny "ride a bike" Gerbasi could all be looking for a job next month. If all goes well, Jenny could take a page from her buddy Glen... and leave Winnipeg. She could go to Hamilton and take lessons from Sheila Copps on how to yap at everything like a puppy... or is that give lessons?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winnipeg votes for a mare

Sure, I know... it's Mayor. Ever been to the track? Got odds on a "sure thing", placed your vote, I mean bet, and the "sure thing" was a dud... your moneys gone, and your mare came in so far back you've already made it to the car before it crosses the line.
WePegger's are in that sort of situation right now. Let's start with Sam.
I liked Sam. Please note the tense, (no silly, not my tense muscles... PAST tense) Sam is a business man. That makes him a GOOD candidate. That said, Sam as the incumbent has made some bad decisions in the past 6 years. In 2004, he was elected Canada's first Jewish Mayor. So what? Winnipeg seems to have a lot of firsts when it comes to Mayors. Worst suits was Bill Norrie (as well as worst fiscal management and biggest dud) (No, I didn't miss the "e" at the end of dud), first woman Susan Thompson, first openly gay Glen Murray, and to the lament of Lillian Thomas, we failed to elect the first Metis Mayor in Danny Vandale.
Who cares? The question is, "Are you any good at being Mayor?"
Sam started with a no nonsense approach or so I thought. I liked some of his ideas... But lately, not so much. I don't know if there's a "connection", but his deal with Asper (pick one) for the project (pick one) that's way over budget and short on details like "will Winnipeggers have to cough up any MORE money?" go unanswered. When you ask Sam "Will you raise taxes?" He says he needs to see a report from the Heavy Construction association. Man, THIS gets my blood boiling. You don't KNOW the condition of the City Sam? Where have you been for the past 6 years? ANSWER THE QUESTION!
The recent rush to install bike paths that really aren't bike paths with no real consultation and no real planning or impact studies is another one that is a major strike against Sam. Assiniboine Ave is a mess, and the City lawyers (since the residents and businesses weren't listened to, they sued the City) argue that they don't have to consult if they are only changing the direction of traffic on a street. I wonder how Sam would feel if they started shuffling street directions around his ball park. His silence makes me believe that he is either a coward, or that the bike coalition has pictures of him doing something naughty.
Winnipeg has been outsourcing things. Garbage pick up, soon water and sewer, parking, yet the City workforce has GROWN under Sams watch. Why? Winnipeg has too many people doing too little work.
The different department heads are masters of their own little worlds, and they answer to...well, not to citizens. Maybe EPC?
I had a friend (he passed) who took phone calls from Sam. My friend was referred to as the real mayor by Sam himself. My friend worked very hard in his neighbourhood, and had a stake near (well right at) one of these new bike paths on Sherbrook. Sam would have had himself a new one torn if he tried to wash his hands of what's going on on Sherbrook right now. This just WOULDN'T HAPPEN. He'd of embarrassed Sam, regardless of their friendship. Sam is (again) being a coward.
He's sitting pretty smug. He's pretty much a shoe in, and I think he's become complacent, or arrogant... I'm not sure which.
I LIKE his LRT ideas. Winnipeg needs a better public transportation system. An Elevated rail is the way to go, but lets review here. Under Sams watch, the Oak Point Rail line has had land sold off and developed, the bridge was available for the City in 2009, and they didn't buy it. Can you imagine having a straight contiguous parcel of land available and NOT jumping on it? LRT, BRT, whatever... the City is run by clowns! A straight stretch from the new Ikea location to Polo Park (and beyond), and they don't want it. I think a tram system would work well, elevated on the medians of Pembina, Main, Henderson, Portage, Regent... we have no freeways, so the major connector routes should get trams, monorails, or some other form of rail, but I can tell you, trains are the way to go. Sam had a number of years to work on this idea... and we hear about it now? Heck, I'm still waiting for his "smart light" promise where we were going to synchronize traffic lights.
I've become less impressed.
Judy, Judy, Judy. An NDP hack who served the North End for 15 years. While there, she never really had the chance to do much for her area, (crime riddled) except vote along with her "leaders" instructions, and NOT support any tough on crime bills. Now she wants to convince us we need her to solve our crime issues by making more community programs available. Don't we already have a plethora of Community Programs available? Judy wants to spend more money on rehabilitating gang bangers and teaching them skills. How about NOT giving them welfare cheques and making them work? The NDP way is to coddle them to the straight and narrow. I'm sick to death of these lefties and their kum-by-ya fireside singing believing everything is going to be ok if we just give them a hug.
Judy wants to raise taxes. JUST 2% a year.  Winnipeg will soon stop paying interest on the debt Bill Norrie and his crew borrowed an eon ago. That's a BIG chunk o change, and it's FOUND money. What's that ear marked for? Winnipeg doesn't need a tax increase, we need fiscal management. Judy won't provide that. No NDP government ever has, and a Leopard can't change it's spots.
Protest votes.
Brad Gross. He has a web site, but it just sends you to his Real Estate web site, making me believe he's in it for publicity. Not the worst idea I've ever heard if publicity is what you want, but not really honourable in my eyes.
Rav Gil. All his eggs are in some "Crime Free Housing" basket, or some strategy he saw or read about in Edmonton. He personally has re developed houses in the North End, selling them to low income people, making home ownership a reality for... who is he trying to kid?  His "renovations" weren't philanthropic... he made money on them. (and so did his 26% loan guy who was kind enough to "give" these people mortgages on Rav's "renovated properties".
Oh my. What to do.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Civic Election choices

It's like going to a waffle shop. You can pick a topping, but your choices are really limited to... waffles. This is the same choice I'm faced with here in the West End. I can vote, but for who? So far I've got it down to one candidate, and I'll be holding my nose in the ballot screen... same goes for Mayor, and as for school trustees, Tony Ramos (walking around with Harvey) is the only name I've even heard of.
Really school trustees are the most important people to be fiscally responsible since they represent the largest property tax portion on my tax bills... yes bills.Without getting into the whole debate about how education is funded, how about we just focus on HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO RUN THE THING! (we can do the funding issue another time)
What other system could possibly continue to have cost increases and deal with less and less product? There are fewer children in schools, but it costs more and more every year to "edukat dem". "Nuttin lik a gud edukasion". It's bad enough the kids can't "speel" to save their lives, they can't do simple math (make change). Good grief, some of them have me believing they are immigrant children who took ESL classes vicariously through an older sibling.
All that aside, SD1 is out of control, which is why my likely choice for a councillor is something I might need to pour a straight glass of 18 year old scotch to stomach. She was a school trustee, responsible for the out of control costs associated with SD1. How can this "springboard" for politics be considered "good"?
Let's review the choices available in my 'hood.
The incumbent, Harvey Smith
I like Harvey (sort of). He's available (when he wants to be), he returns calls promptly (around election time)... no I mean I've met Harvey, he's sympathetic to every one and their cause... His latest campaign post card says,m "I have served you as your NDP councillor...for 18 years" "I have opposed to urban sprawl..." (yup, that's how he said it). Umm... Harvey, hire a proof reader, and BTW, there is no "NDP at City Hall". Any way, after 18 years, you're like a diaper... in need of changing.
Keith Bellamy. This guy is Pat Martins assistant. Great, another NDP hack. Actually, he's the "endorsed" candidate. Great... In this hood where people buy into the union schtick, he's almost a shoe in. Anyone able to work with someone who makes as many openly anti Christian comments as Pat must share those views, because they'd be aghast at such prejudice against someone or group based on their religion. Keith's out for a number of reasons, but the fact that I associate him with a Christian hater is probably top of the list.
John Cardoso. Nice Portuguese fellow. Has a show on the ethnic radio station. So what? Look at his website. Listen John, if you can't organize a web site, you can't be my councillor, it's just that simple (actually, your web site and postcards that have NO SUBSTANCE make me think it's you whose that simple, but whatever)
Lito Tauruc. Who? Where do you live Lito? What? Tuxedo? (Hear door slam on Lito's fingers, Lito screaming in pain, falling backwards off my steps clutching his hand, asking for ice while rocking back and forth)
That leaves Cindy Gilroy Price. Cindy will tell you at the door that she's not associated with a party. She's Liberal, the daughter of Ernie Gilroy and has photos of her with our last great visionary Mayor (The man who brought you a nice pedestrian bridge RIGHT NEXT TO a new vehicle bridge. nice sweaters, and bike racks on the fronts of buses... Glen Murray) You remember Glen. He's the guy who promised in the election campaign not to sell Winnipeg Hydro... and then did. Former school trustee, founder of the Winnipeg Citizens Coalition designed not to "split voting" and other nice platitudes but NEVER AMOUNTED TO ANYTHING.
Oye Vehs Mir. A schandeh!

Viral e-mails

I got one of these e-mails people read at face value and then send it to everyone they know in the CC section of the mail service they use instead of the BCC (so we can have EVERYONE'S e-mail addy to do the same to later). The premise was that Senior Citizens (I know a few) are treated worse than refugees, and compared the "refugee pension" they receive to the maximum amount a Senior can receive, followed by "Let's raise the rate for Seniors who built this country to $2470 per month". Now as I said, I know some seniors, but let's see here.
First off, there is no such thing as a "refugee pension". That mistake in and of itself makes the entire e-mail drivel. If you can't get the basic facts straight, you can't be trusted to tell me anything of value. Second, the MAXIMUM amounts a senior can receive stated were wrong too. Strike 2.
Then they wanted to RAISE the rates. HOLD ON THERE!
We're now going to increase...OAS? All you have to do is LIVE in Canada for 10 years to get it... you didn't ever have to pay income tax, ever work, or ever contribute to Canada to get it. Will the increase be in CPP?
Listen up you seniors. YOU continued to elect irresponsible governments from the Diefenbaker era on, culminating in Pierre Trudeau's reign. YOU alone allowed the CPP Amway scheme to continue, never once considering that it's NOT a user pay system, but a pyramid scheme that makes the people CURRENTLY working pay for YOU. Guess what seniors? There's NOT enough of US working schleps around to give YOU a raise.
It's not that we don't appreciate your efforts, but you are asking ME to pay more than 10% of my earning to GIVE you money. Sorry... I refuse. 10% of my net is ALL YOU GET. Suck it up.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Public Works... but do they really?

I'm aghast some times... I mean to the point of anger.
We're driving home a few months back, our weekly routine from the cabin, same route. I ask my poor wife, "Notice those barricades on Ellice? The City is going to work there... soon... really. They had time for the sign crew to erect them, but the actual working crew, not so much."
She yawns, glad the ride is almost over.
Next week, same schtick. Same barricades, same location, no work done.
Best we can count, that one took 4 rides home before they were gone. What could they possibly be doing for that amount of time? I drive there during the day too, but days are easily lost... the weekend trip ,NOW we can tell time!
About a month ago we're driving home in the evening, same route. Some nincompoop decided to repaint the lines on the road. These lines had already been painted once this year. Now I didn 't actually SEE them paint the lines, but since Public Works (or do they?) uses the cheapest latex house paint available so the lines are all but gone by November, we KNEW they had been put down earlier this year because we could actually SEE them. The dope on the machines second go around couldn't seem to line up the gun, or the timing... it was SO obvious that he ran out of talent and just made a MESS of the road. No worries right? It'll all be gone by November. (Ever wonder what kind of paint they use in other Cities? I do!
Today I noticed again, the barricades on Ellice between Garfield and Sherburn. I saw them 2 weeks ago on our ride home, but since we didn't go out to the cabin... Anyway, same spiel, barricades up, but no actual work being done.
The manner in which barricades are erected, and signage is placed is ludicrous at best, and dangerous at worst. They'll close a lane about 20' BEFORE it's closed, leaving you no time to merge, regardless of what route you're on, Pembina or Picardy, Main or Manitoba, there is no difference. A major route is treated the same way as a minor one... badly.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Business in WInnipeg. How to not build a stadium.

Ground breaking. Now being in construction, I know when I break ground. Typically, I've applied for a permit, (I don't think I could possibly wait until one has been issued, we just don't have a season long enough), and I know my foundation sub trades are able to follow the next day.
Not Creswin. Nope, they dig a hole and THEN make plans. granted, they likely have some sort of a permit in place for some vague description of a building, but no specifics that we know of.
Whose stadium is this? David's? Creswin's?Selinger's? Katz's?
For all the flak people made regarding Sam's ballpark, he got it done. He had a plan, he executed it, and it's a great asset to our City. David really doesn't know what he's building yet.
Apparently he's a stadium builder... who knew? I knew his family had real estate of the shopping center variety and that he developed land, but "developer" and stadium builder are two very different things.
How about a budget? This looks more and more like Gail's museum than a business venture.
Imagine going into the Manitoba Club spinning a "deal" like this to some of the "wheels" in there.
"Hey. I want to build a new indoor water park. I need to raise $115 million dollars, but I can't build it indoors for that amount, and honestly I don't really know what it'll cost, but I'll pay all the cost over runs except that I'm not really promising to build this concept drawing for $115 million, so you money guys will cough up whatever I tell you is the amount after we're done, and I'll cover the over runs"
I imagine they have security at the Manitoba Club, and that I'd likely be meeting them after this pitch.
What buffoonery. What's worse is that we have elected people who FALL for this crap. Katz, Selinger et al. How could you possibly sign or agree to ANYTHING?
People are hard on Winnipeg, but this is why. We are stuck with "almost" and "good enough" for the better part of my lifetime.
It's time the Aspers left the building. We don't want YOUR museum. and we don't want you building OUR stadium.
At least Leonard doesn't come to Winnipeg with his hand out too often.

Monday, September 20, 2010

MGEU giving Judy something to say

So the MGEU rolled out it's newest big scare tactic, no doubt designed to be a campaign issue.

We don't have enough ambulances or paramedics in Winnipeg. We're all in danger. We should be afraid, and we should demand our politicians to do SOMETHING about this travesty that should have never happened... or some drivel to that end

Ya... OK... sure. Read the union spin for yourself

This seems like a matter of managing the time of the paramedics a bit better. Let's see if we can solve this in about 3 minutes (or less)

Currently, all patients delivered to a hospital via ambulance are attended to by the paramedics until they patient is able to be seen by a doctor.

HOLD ON THERE! If I drive my wife in, she has to wait, with some unskilled schlep (me), in the waiting room after some triage nurse glances at her and tells her to take a seat. NO ONE attends to her, waits with her, or makes sure she doesn't have renal failure... all we get is the same pathetic treatment we all get, unless we come in with an ambulance.

To borrow from Cary Grant, "Judy, Judy, Judy". How about you just suggest that the ambulance attendants (paramedics), transfer the patient, making the triage nurse responsible, they swap the stretcher out for the spare that's always there, and get back in the ambulance.

How is this difficult? Why does this go beyond the comprehension of the union, or Judy (who looks like a mouth piece for the union)? Clearly the solution doesn't require the sort of deep thinking we might have to rely on to fly the ambulance to the moon, just to clear it of the last call and get it available for another.

MGEU... you DON'T need more ambulances OR more paramedics (read more union due paying brothers and sisters), but you DO need to be a part of the SOLUTION.

Judy... Your time as an NDP hack needs to be OVER if you want to be mayor. As mayor, you would represent ALL people, not just the union members who you owe big for assuring your re election for so many years, where you were able to produce.... nothing of any consequence.

The first post

Why do this? Why blog? Who cares what I think? Who'll read this?

I have opinions... lots of them, and maybe this will just be a way to allow my poor wife to watch Oprah in peace, and not have to listen to me rant. On the other hand, maybe... just MAYBE if there are enough people voicing the same concerns, we'll be able to bring about some changes.

Ya... right. I only see one way to bring about fundamental change, and it's called a revolution.

I'm going to preface this entire blog with. "I love Winnipeg, I love Manitoba, and I have wept over the country I love, Canada.

I have voted in every election I've been able to since I reached the age of majority, and tried to do so as an informed voter. This is my right, but more than that, it's my ticket to COMPLAIN when things don't get done.

There are complacent people out there commenting in the WFP and Sun comments saying, "stop complaining, we have it so good". To them I say, "yes we do", but the anger is as a result of the fact that I KNOW we can do better. I KNOW we can be a GREAT city in more than just name only. We could be a HAVE province, well run, well managed, and we COULD be a GREAT country, all attainable with the right LEADERSHIP.

We are in a leadership vacuum, and the upcoming electing for our fair City is one example of a big sucking sound.