Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Business in WInnipeg. How to not build a stadium.

Ground breaking. Now being in construction, I know when I break ground. Typically, I've applied for a permit, (I don't think I could possibly wait until one has been issued, we just don't have a season long enough), and I know my foundation sub trades are able to follow the next day.
Not Creswin. Nope, they dig a hole and THEN make plans. granted, they likely have some sort of a permit in place for some vague description of a building, but no specifics that we know of.
Whose stadium is this? David's? Creswin's?Selinger's? Katz's?
For all the flak people made regarding Sam's ballpark, he got it done. He had a plan, he executed it, and it's a great asset to our City. David really doesn't know what he's building yet.
Apparently he's a stadium builder... who knew? I knew his family had real estate of the shopping center variety and that he developed land, but "developer" and stadium builder are two very different things.
How about a budget? This looks more and more like Gail's museum than a business venture.
Imagine going into the Manitoba Club spinning a "deal" like this to some of the "wheels" in there.
"Hey. I want to build a new indoor water park. I need to raise $115 million dollars, but I can't build it indoors for that amount, and honestly I don't really know what it'll cost, but I'll pay all the cost over runs except that I'm not really promising to build this concept drawing for $115 million, so you money guys will cough up whatever I tell you is the amount after we're done, and I'll cover the over runs"
I imagine they have security at the Manitoba Club, and that I'd likely be meeting them after this pitch.
What buffoonery. What's worse is that we have elected people who FALL for this crap. Katz, Selinger et al. How could you possibly sign or agree to ANYTHING?
People are hard on Winnipeg, but this is why. We are stuck with "almost" and "good enough" for the better part of my lifetime.
It's time the Aspers left the building. We don't want YOUR museum. and we don't want you building OUR stadium.
At least Leonard doesn't come to Winnipeg with his hand out too often.

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