Friday, September 24, 2010

Civic Election choices

It's like going to a waffle shop. You can pick a topping, but your choices are really limited to... waffles. This is the same choice I'm faced with here in the West End. I can vote, but for who? So far I've got it down to one candidate, and I'll be holding my nose in the ballot screen... same goes for Mayor, and as for school trustees, Tony Ramos (walking around with Harvey) is the only name I've even heard of.
Really school trustees are the most important people to be fiscally responsible since they represent the largest property tax portion on my tax bills... yes bills.Without getting into the whole debate about how education is funded, how about we just focus on HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO RUN THE THING! (we can do the funding issue another time)
What other system could possibly continue to have cost increases and deal with less and less product? There are fewer children in schools, but it costs more and more every year to "edukat dem". "Nuttin lik a gud edukasion". It's bad enough the kids can't "speel" to save their lives, they can't do simple math (make change). Good grief, some of them have me believing they are immigrant children who took ESL classes vicariously through an older sibling.
All that aside, SD1 is out of control, which is why my likely choice for a councillor is something I might need to pour a straight glass of 18 year old scotch to stomach. She was a school trustee, responsible for the out of control costs associated with SD1. How can this "springboard" for politics be considered "good"?
Let's review the choices available in my 'hood.
The incumbent, Harvey Smith
I like Harvey (sort of). He's available (when he wants to be), he returns calls promptly (around election time)... no I mean I've met Harvey, he's sympathetic to every one and their cause... His latest campaign post card says,m "I have served you as your NDP councillor...for 18 years" "I have opposed to urban sprawl..." (yup, that's how he said it). Umm... Harvey, hire a proof reader, and BTW, there is no "NDP at City Hall". Any way, after 18 years, you're like a diaper... in need of changing.
Keith Bellamy. This guy is Pat Martins assistant. Great, another NDP hack. Actually, he's the "endorsed" candidate. Great... In this hood where people buy into the union schtick, he's almost a shoe in. Anyone able to work with someone who makes as many openly anti Christian comments as Pat must share those views, because they'd be aghast at such prejudice against someone or group based on their religion. Keith's out for a number of reasons, but the fact that I associate him with a Christian hater is probably top of the list.
John Cardoso. Nice Portuguese fellow. Has a show on the ethnic radio station. So what? Look at his website. Listen John, if you can't organize a web site, you can't be my councillor, it's just that simple (actually, your web site and postcards that have NO SUBSTANCE make me think it's you whose that simple, but whatever)
Lito Tauruc. Who? Where do you live Lito? What? Tuxedo? (Hear door slam on Lito's fingers, Lito screaming in pain, falling backwards off my steps clutching his hand, asking for ice while rocking back and forth)
That leaves Cindy Gilroy Price. Cindy will tell you at the door that she's not associated with a party. She's Liberal, the daughter of Ernie Gilroy and has photos of her with our last great visionary Mayor (The man who brought you a nice pedestrian bridge RIGHT NEXT TO a new vehicle bridge. nice sweaters, and bike racks on the fronts of buses... Glen Murray) You remember Glen. He's the guy who promised in the election campaign not to sell Winnipeg Hydro... and then did. Former school trustee, founder of the Winnipeg Citizens Coalition designed not to "split voting" and other nice platitudes but NEVER AMOUNTED TO ANYTHING.
Oye Vehs Mir. A schandeh!


  1. Mmmm. Waffles....

    I don't know who to vote as mayor either. Judy would be a disaster, but Sam needs a serious kick in the ass. Maybe a protest vote for one of the real estate dudes.

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