Monday, September 20, 2010

The first post

Why do this? Why blog? Who cares what I think? Who'll read this?

I have opinions... lots of them, and maybe this will just be a way to allow my poor wife to watch Oprah in peace, and not have to listen to me rant. On the other hand, maybe... just MAYBE if there are enough people voicing the same concerns, we'll be able to bring about some changes.

Ya... right. I only see one way to bring about fundamental change, and it's called a revolution.

I'm going to preface this entire blog with. "I love Winnipeg, I love Manitoba, and I have wept over the country I love, Canada.

I have voted in every election I've been able to since I reached the age of majority, and tried to do so as an informed voter. This is my right, but more than that, it's my ticket to COMPLAIN when things don't get done.

There are complacent people out there commenting in the WFP and Sun comments saying, "stop complaining, we have it so good". To them I say, "yes we do", but the anger is as a result of the fact that I KNOW we can do better. I KNOW we can be a GREAT city in more than just name only. We could be a HAVE province, well run, well managed, and we COULD be a GREAT country, all attainable with the right LEADERSHIP.

We are in a leadership vacuum, and the upcoming electing for our fair City is one example of a big sucking sound.

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