Monday, September 20, 2010

MGEU giving Judy something to say

So the MGEU rolled out it's newest big scare tactic, no doubt designed to be a campaign issue.

We don't have enough ambulances or paramedics in Winnipeg. We're all in danger. We should be afraid, and we should demand our politicians to do SOMETHING about this travesty that should have never happened... or some drivel to that end

Ya... OK... sure. Read the union spin for yourself

This seems like a matter of managing the time of the paramedics a bit better. Let's see if we can solve this in about 3 minutes (or less)

Currently, all patients delivered to a hospital via ambulance are attended to by the paramedics until they patient is able to be seen by a doctor.

HOLD ON THERE! If I drive my wife in, she has to wait, with some unskilled schlep (me), in the waiting room after some triage nurse glances at her and tells her to take a seat. NO ONE attends to her, waits with her, or makes sure she doesn't have renal failure... all we get is the same pathetic treatment we all get, unless we come in with an ambulance.

To borrow from Cary Grant, "Judy, Judy, Judy". How about you just suggest that the ambulance attendants (paramedics), transfer the patient, making the triage nurse responsible, they swap the stretcher out for the spare that's always there, and get back in the ambulance.

How is this difficult? Why does this go beyond the comprehension of the union, or Judy (who looks like a mouth piece for the union)? Clearly the solution doesn't require the sort of deep thinking we might have to rely on to fly the ambulance to the moon, just to clear it of the last call and get it available for another.

MGEU... you DON'T need more ambulances OR more paramedics (read more union due paying brothers and sisters), but you DO need to be a part of the SOLUTION.

Judy... Your time as an NDP hack needs to be OVER if you want to be mayor. As mayor, you would represent ALL people, not just the union members who you owe big for assuring your re election for so many years, where you were able to produce.... nothing of any consequence.

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