Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Public Works... but do they really?

I'm aghast some times... I mean to the point of anger.
We're driving home a few months back, our weekly routine from the cabin, same route. I ask my poor wife, "Notice those barricades on Ellice? The City is going to work there... soon... really. They had time for the sign crew to erect them, but the actual working crew, not so much."
She yawns, glad the ride is almost over.
Next week, same schtick. Same barricades, same location, no work done.
Best we can count, that one took 4 rides home before they were gone. What could they possibly be doing for that amount of time? I drive there during the day too, but days are easily lost... the weekend trip ,NOW we can tell time!
About a month ago we're driving home in the evening, same route. Some nincompoop decided to repaint the lines on the road. These lines had already been painted once this year. Now I didn 't actually SEE them paint the lines, but since Public Works (or do they?) uses the cheapest latex house paint available so the lines are all but gone by November, we KNEW they had been put down earlier this year because we could actually SEE them. The dope on the machines second go around couldn't seem to line up the gun, or the timing... it was SO obvious that he ran out of talent and just made a MESS of the road. No worries right? It'll all be gone by November. (Ever wonder what kind of paint they use in other Cities? I do!
Today I noticed again, the barricades on Ellice between Garfield and Sherburn. I saw them 2 weeks ago on our ride home, but since we didn't go out to the cabin... Anyway, same spiel, barricades up, but no actual work being done.
The manner in which barricades are erected, and signage is placed is ludicrous at best, and dangerous at worst. They'll close a lane about 20' BEFORE it's closed, leaving you no time to merge, regardless of what route you're on, Pembina or Picardy, Main or Manitoba, there is no difference. A major route is treated the same way as a minor one... badly.

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