Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Light cameras are all about safety

I was the guy at the dinner table, gently rebuked for my stance against the Red light cameras from the get go. I reasoned that they are NOT about safety, because they do nothing to STOP a person speeding, they simply generate a fine against the registered owner of a motor vehicle, nothing more, nothing less.
Same goes for the mobile units in "play ground" and "school zones"... and the much reported on "construction zones" where tickets were issued at night when no work was being done.
Well it turns out our City has been lying to us. Sure, they'd take the "we didn't lie", path, convincing us they... didn't lie, but would we be naive enough to fall for it? I'm sure some would, after all they were gullible enough to believe it in the first place.
Turns out the accident stats were those as reported to/by the Winnipeg Police department, NOT MPIC. Who reports an accident to the Police? They don't even want to TALK to you, let alone take an accident report. You only need to report an accident to the Police if the damage to your vehicle is damaged in excess of $1000, so a minor bumper denting doesn't count, and no one really follows up with you if you don't make a report. It seems the Police stats show accidents being reduced, where MPI shows them INCREASE at red light camera intersections.
Nice. Real safe. I like the one on Kenaston northbound at St.Matthews. You leave the red light at Ness and do one of 2 things. You race at 95 Km/h to make the light, locking up the read brakes as you approach the camera and sliding through at 75Km/h and then make the light at Silver AND at Ellice... or...
You drive at 50Km/h and piss of everyone behind you, stop at the light because you know it's set up as a trap, and never to be synchronized in a 70 Km/h zone (read made for a revenue stream NOT as a traffic signal designed to promote the orderly flow of traffic). You then stop at Silver, and again at Ellice. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how upset I get on Kenaston or Bishop Grandin. Stop at a light, accelerate to 70 Km/h, stop at the next light. WHy not just make it a 60 and get the lights to work? Or a 50? or a 40? JUST FIGURE IT OUT!
Now I could go on a rant over the traffic engineers, but they have no orders to make the streets flow properly, if they do, they don't get fired when traffic backs up every day, and they stay at their desks for 35 years and get a pension. Nice gig if you can get it. I'll bet these clown get $75K a year to screw up traffic in Winnipeg.
If you're not going to read the links, the increase is double, or triple the amount of accidents that occurred after cameras were installed. All about safety my ass.
Of course, the Police continue to tell us they are necessary, but then the Chief likes the gun registry too, so who cares what he says? Another clown saying what he's told to say.

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