Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Trustees

Here's where elections become a bit like drawing straws or casting lots. Who are these people, and what makes them think I should vote for them? In my area (SD 1 Ward 2), I have 3 to choose out of 7 candidates. There are a few whose name I recognize who I guess want to be elected based on their name recognition. They've been there, their names are sorta familiar, and we should tick the box (or mark an X) next to their name. (actually I think we connect the line forming an arrow, but whatever)
Only 2 have made the effort to get a web page together. One over uses the !!! in his paragraphs, hopefully only for effect. Seems genuine, grass roots, independent. (Bradley McKay) The other likely got money from some orange election machine as he is "endorsed by the NDP. (Anthony Ramos)
I'm so sick of School Trustee positions being the teething ground for NDP politicians. Sorry Anthony, I CAN'T vote for you simply because you are associated with a wasteful party that believes that everyone should pay their fair share except cottage owners, who should pay twice as much as their fair share. OK, that's not the only reason I can't vote for an NDP endorsed candidate, but you get my drift.
So far I got 1 out of 7 I could vote for.
The Chair of the Board of Trustees is (in my memory) best remembered for threatening to sue 1290 TALK, John Collision and Gerald Fast before accepting a cash settlement, (and maybe for ragging on Mike Babinsky, but who can blame her for that?) She told us in the WFP that it's a difficult balancing act, and they had to either raise taxes, or cut programs, but teachers salaries were to blame, and that they can re negotiate the contracts in June of 2010. Did they? Are our taxes going up? (1.9%?) Nope. Not yet. The current school year has NO CONTRACT, and negotiations start in January. NICE JOB! There's a way to get re-elected. You can tell us in January how it'll all turn out. NEXT!
I googled Cathy Collins and got her Facebook site for re-election. Seems she's also running in Jordanville NY where her daughter set the page up... There was also a hit from the WAG under Gallery Staff, but who knows if that's her or not...NEXT
Myra Maralee. Seems Google has her hit as an aboriginal educator, award winning, all sounds good, awards from teachers associations. Why doesn't Myra tell us herself? Myra gets a maybe.
I mentioned Bradley McKay. No hits from what I can tell. He gets a maybe for his efforts only.
Kenny Moran. I think he's a Green Party Examiner writer. Now I never liked Elizabeth May, her boy, or the fact that she tried to (and did) get air time as a real candidate in the federal election. These folks all seems a little screwy to me... NEXT.
Rolf Salfert. Retired Teacher... grade 6. This guy deserves the job just for having survived, BUT why no info? Why'd I have to dig up a WFP blog from Nick Martin? Seems this guy has a lot of hits from the WSD1 and WFP, most of them good. Maybe.
I think that's 3 maybe's.

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