Friday, September 24, 2010

Viral e-mails

I got one of these e-mails people read at face value and then send it to everyone they know in the CC section of the mail service they use instead of the BCC (so we can have EVERYONE'S e-mail addy to do the same to later). The premise was that Senior Citizens (I know a few) are treated worse than refugees, and compared the "refugee pension" they receive to the maximum amount a Senior can receive, followed by "Let's raise the rate for Seniors who built this country to $2470 per month". Now as I said, I know some seniors, but let's see here.
First off, there is no such thing as a "refugee pension". That mistake in and of itself makes the entire e-mail drivel. If you can't get the basic facts straight, you can't be trusted to tell me anything of value. Second, the MAXIMUM amounts a senior can receive stated were wrong too. Strike 2.
Then they wanted to RAISE the rates. HOLD ON THERE!
We're now going to increase...OAS? All you have to do is LIVE in Canada for 10 years to get it... you didn't ever have to pay income tax, ever work, or ever contribute to Canada to get it. Will the increase be in CPP?
Listen up you seniors. YOU continued to elect irresponsible governments from the Diefenbaker era on, culminating in Pierre Trudeau's reign. YOU alone allowed the CPP Amway scheme to continue, never once considering that it's NOT a user pay system, but a pyramid scheme that makes the people CURRENTLY working pay for YOU. Guess what seniors? There's NOT enough of US working schleps around to give YOU a raise.
It's not that we don't appreciate your efforts, but you are asking ME to pay more than 10% of my earning to GIVE you money. Sorry... I refuse. 10% of my net is ALL YOU GET. Suck it up.

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