Monday, September 27, 2010

What was I saying yesterday about Sam and bike paths near his Ball Park?

Soooooooooooooooo. Check out todays breaking news at the freep

So today Sam is ultimately responsible, and he stops construction. What happened last month? And the month before that? Where was Sam for Sherbrook? Assiniboine? How does a guy whose on the bile lobby get called a "stake holder" and think closing Albert is a good idea? Why does the CoW web page say,
"Winnipeg’s surge in active transportation programs is championed by the Mayor and strongly supported by Council and energetic community groups" ?
What's wrong Sam? Is the bike BS getting too close to the ball park? Afraid they're going to screw up traffic going to the game? Today we are to believe Sam is a champion for the people of that area because they weren't consulted properly.
NO ONE was consulted properly! Maybe Kevin Nixon and his group of "Gotta spend it", "Use it or loose it", like minded councillors like Jenny "ride a bike" Gerbasi could all be looking for a job next month. If all goes well, Jenny could take a page from her buddy Glen... and leave Winnipeg. She could go to Hamilton and take lessons from Sheila Copps on how to yap at everything like a puppy... or is that give lessons?

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