Monday, October 4, 2010

Councillor update

I got a flyer today from Lito. Nothing about where he lives, just that he's going to make sure Public Works works at night to get projects done with less disruption, he's a family man, Pastor Bruce Martin from Calvary Temple knows him...
The family thing... Personally, I'm big on family. There is nothing more important in my life than my beautiful wife, and my three children, BUT...
If you don't think family, your orientation, or personal life is fair game, then you shouldn't be "selling" those issues in an election. Pictures of your family are fine, being a respected member of your community are good, I mean I'm NOT saying this is "bad", just that if you introduce them into the election campaign, they're fair game.
Lito lives in the 'hood but not in ours. His hood is more of a zoo, but neither of the Osborne Village Zoo variety, nor the North End on cheque day, more like the Tuxedo Golf and Country Club 'hood. His house is assessed at over $400K on the corner of Corydon and Shaftsbury, and I'm not sure if I want him here to help the "little people" of our area.
I think Lito will get a chunk of the ethnic vote, which in my mind is racism.
Now before you scroll over to the upper right side of your screen with your mouse to close this window, gimme a sec.
Let's say I say, "I'm not voting for Sam because he's a Jew" (which I'd never say... I respect and really like most of the Jewish people I've had the pleasure of meeting and working for) but let's imagine I could spew such watered down Gibsonism, I'd (rightly) be called out as a racist.
Now If I said, "I'm voting for Rolf because I think he's German", that too would be racist. It has NO basis on supporting that candidate based on anything other than race and THAT is RACISM.
The ethnic vote, by it's very nature is offensive.
This, (and other) elections sicken me when special interest people spew their drivel based on playing the race card. Lito (and Cardosa), are clearly working "their community", not "OUR COMMUNITY".
Just check out the location of the signs and see who lives there.
I'm NOT saying a Filipino candidate (Or Portuguese) isn't qualified, but simply being Filipino (or Portuguese) doesn't qualify you.
I'm in town on the Sunday Lito is giving away hot dogs. I don't plan to attend... but I might. So far, his residency as a major issue for me. You want to know what it's like to live here Lito? You want to enjoy people publicly urinating on your boulevard, shamelessly staring back at your incredulous look at them and hear them yell, "I'm taking a piss" ? If you do, I'll swing by your area with a few friends, we'll open a case on across the street and piss on your yard. I wonder how long before a car with "Building Relationships" painted on the side showed up?

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