Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Election Results

I loved one of the lines in Judy's concession speech. "We've changed how things are done at City Hall, and they can never go back"
Ya, OK Judy... if you say it, it must be true, even if only in your own mind.
I also like a quote from "Anybody want a Peanut" regarding the goings on in our ward.
"To the people who voted to Harvey Smith: Come here. A little closer. A little closer. A little closer. *SLAP*
If only a few hundred had received that slap BEFORE voting. Regardless, Harvey is our councillor again... with no regard for the best before date stamped clearly on his forehead. I had no investment in CGP's campaign, so to say I'm disappointed might be a bit strong, but I think a paradigm shift in the hood may have... no, would have been a good thing.
The NDP machine. This is another story all together. What do we make of it's humiliating defeat? Can you spin it any other way? Consider the bodies they've been handed.
In our hood, the only NDP hack to get elected is Tony Ramos. The NDP split the vote in Elmwood letting a parachuter land the job. And Judy... Just Judy was told to take her hug a thug ideas, her gun registry, and her flavoured cigarillo legislation, and GO JUDY GO... AWAY.
Judy said she'd be volunteering and working in the community as an activist. I think she'll be leaving shortly, She wanted little or nothing to do with her riding while she was supposed to represent them, what makes anyone think she'll be here past December? She might get some patronage appointment to something where she really can't do any damage, but my guess is that Ottawa is as happy to get rid of her as a lot of Winnipeggers are to know that we won't have to listen to her blue sky ideas as a tax and spend mayor, happy increasing CUPE's union dues by hiring gang members to work for the City for the average 3 hour day.
Unfortunately, what we seem to be missing (still), is a visionary. We're staring another 4 years of bland leadership in the face... the same sort of leadership that has led us to where we are. A pimple on the face of the map. Saskatoon is better positioned to grow than Winnipeg is, and that's a direct result of one thing... decisiveness.
Winnipeg has had a long history of doing a study, reading it... and putting it away. We had a plan for a subway once (shelved) an inner city beltway (still not realized, and a poor facsimile of what it was supposed to look like), and real growth as opposed to the type of growth we currently enjoy, which is not the sort that "grows" a City insofar as it's economy goes.
We continue to embrace people who say things like, "Housing needs to be affordable, and we need better quality housing" who also says, "I fought urban sprawl for all my years at City Hall". I wonder if that person ever heard of the laws of supply and demand?
Winnipeg is lost. We have no real vision, and as such, we have no substantial future. Don't get me wrong, Winnipeg will still be here in 4, 8, 16, 32 years and beyond, BUT I have an idea what Winnipeg COULD be, and the Winnipeg I see in the next decade is pretty pale in comparison.

Regardless of my comments, I think every person who takes the time to run a real campaign should be lauded for their efforts. While we can sit around and wonder how the votes would have shaken out had Lito not run in our hood, it was his right to run, and peoples right to vote for him... likewise Cardoso, and all of the other candidates in all of the other ridings. While I've always laughed at people who get as many votes (or less) as Natalie Pollock, it takes a lot of chutzpa to put yourself out there.

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