Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garbage day in the 'hood

Always a day to prepare for, we giddily drag our wheeled carts to the lane, trying hard not to scrape the vehicles as we go past. I don't like to tempt fate, so I always park the thing far enough away from my vehicle to make sure the lid doesn't slam into the hood, or the forks from the automated arms puncture my grill and rad. Heaven forbid that one of the stray cats that some owner lets out every night should lick up the glycol and be unable to spray against our shed at night, or better still, drop a load in the grass.
I was driving down the west Beverly back lane in the 400 block, and came across the latest item the children in the area amuse themselves with. Garbage can tipping.
Really funny.
Here we have the cans lying in the lane, their contents spewed over the ally, and the truck unable to negotiate the "pylons". I'm sure the residents will be told, "We're sorry, but you're responsible for your bin and ensuring that the truck can properly access it".
I'll bet Keith Bellamy would tell us that it's because of poverty and poor Community Center planning, and that punishing the kids by making them pick up garbage in the neighbourhood until 2012 isn't a good answer. After all, he seems to be buds with Andrew Swan, who is the "hug a thug" justice minister. Just Judy would tell us that the children just need to go swimming the next day for free, but for those of us left cleaning up the mess, what is the answer?
Sure, kids have always been mischievous. I remember hiding under a bridge and pelting passing cars (police cars included) with snow balls, an escape route well planned and cutting into a wooded area of a nearby park. We all did things that were considered by those who were "older" to be reckless or downright "dangerous" (there could be a piece of ice in the snowball and someone could loose an eye). As if.
The garbage situation in the area is bad enough already without these kids "trashing" the lane. At our home, near an intersection ripe with at least three chicken places, a sev, and other take outs near by, we also get the garbage tossed from windows from the BK down on Portage.
The answer is simple I think. Singapore.
Don't laugh. We could learn a thing or two about how they handle this sort of thing there, and while I'm not advocating public caning, a stiff, swift, no nonsense reaction would cure the next "good kid" (I say that because they really might be) from escalating their actions next time.
Hey Andy. Pay attention. Get creative and come up with some real ways of teaching. Your coddling approach isn't working. If they're caught, they get to clean the lane EVERY WEEK for the next year. I'm sure someone would volunteer to supervise them.

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