Monday, October 4, 2010

If Judy doesn't win it's because...

...She's a woman.

Yup. That's the fact. If you attend the U of W, you are bombarded with this sort of absolute garbage from the quacks they have there "teaching" you.

All I can say is "Mayor Susan Thompson".  Well no... I can say more.

The article in the Freep (was a waste of good ad space) says that Judy will only NOT be elected if there is gender bias. In other words, this egghead doesn't believe we can listen to the promises, see the NDP ties, remember the past voting record in the House of Commons....... no. We're all to stupid for that. All we can see is that she's of the "female persuasion".

I read the Lindor Reynolds article where she told us about Sam's dating habits only to say something like, "That isn't really any of our business". Imagine if we had talked about Susan's dating habits 20 odd years ago. I STILL don't know if she dated, or if she was straight or lesbian and I DON'T CARE. Not then, not now, not tomorrow. She got elected, AND suffered from the same malady as Judy alphabet. Why not suggest that if JustJudy doesn't win that it's based on a Ukrainian Bias, or a bad haircut bias?

In keeping with the Freep article ( )  here's my reasons Judy won't get elected in the order the Freep wrote them.

1. Judy has promised to raise property taxes.
2. Judy has no friends without an orange sweater in the City
3. Judy is a career politician
4. Judy hasn't worked in the "real world" to accomplish anything with her own money
5. Judy caters to Nick Ternette's crowd
6. Judy will cry when people give her a hard time
7. Judy has never been in a position to make a decision that affected anyone substantially

GO JUDY GO! (away... go away)

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