Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Police Helicopter. It's all about safety

When was the last time I heard that? It sounds familiar... I think it was... when Red light cameras came out.
Now group, did you remember the City telling you "Red light cameras" were also capable of providing a record (in photographic fashion) of speeding infractions?
I pay pretty close attention to things like this, because I think pretty much everything Big Brother tells me is BS, or slanted to twist the truth to suit their purpose. I don't ever remember "Red light cameras" being sold as "radar traps". You?
The much vaunted Police Helicopter should be in the air soon. It's going to help the Po-Po's (as my kids call them) avoid high speed car chases and help them "fight crime". It's (supposedly) going to be flying for 18 hours a day. Why?
See here's where a lot of people fall down... asking "Why?" We don't ask, we simply accept the BS.
Here's my stab at prophecy.
More "traffic control" meaning... speeding tickets.
It's done in other areas. I read a number of comments in the Freep like "why so much money? A helicopter doesn't cost that much".
I'll bet it does. I'll be a "properly equipped police helicopter" has the ability to measure your speed, and have license plate recognition cameras. I'm guessing there was a secret projection about just how much money this thing would make, and since the NDP is gasping for every extra dollar it can squeeze out of us, they agreed to pay the "yearly operating costs". What's missing, is the (potential) revenue this "flying white elephant" can make.
The Police press release ( doesn't mention anything other than "Added deterrence and enforcement of traffic related issues", but a quick look at the Eurocopter site gives us a hint when you look at the police helicopter. Google "Wescam MX-15 Electro Optic sensor" and you get L-3 Communications where you can see the different views, including "narrow". Check out the "payloads" and you can see what a camera is capable of if properly equipped, and "laser rangefinder" is one of the modules as well as a "laser illuminated night spotter" which can recognize a face in darkness.
If it can recognize a face... can it do a license plate?
The "Integrated GEO-Tracking: calculates the speed & estimated direction of the target for precise tracking" . Hey...  Wait a minute... do I look stupid?
Clearly... we all are. All we've done is given them another piece of equipment  to send out speeding tickets you can't argue about, and don't get points for...
But it's all about safety.
Since our Police Chief has given "the boys" quotas on the ticket writing, this really should be no surprise.

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