Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pre Election weekend antics

So the unknown shooter... was he/she trying to make an election issue of this? I've said for some time now that the North End deserves a presence. A military presence. I worked in the 'hood for a couple of years, and frankly I don't go back except to buy something fresh at Gimli Fishmarket. I've said for a number of years that things there are only going to get worse, especially since the egg heads keep building university campuses on Selkirk, training more and more downtrodden losers to be social workers.
Now before you berate me, I've seen FIRST HAND the sort of households these "future experts" run. The kids are out of control, the place is a stye, and the parent is not really very happy. I guess social work would be right up their alley. Maybe they should go and walk an alley... with an empty 11 pack, so it rattles just enough to get the attention of the hoodlums hiding in the shadows.
The police are too busy to be there 24/7, but are the army reserves? Orders to shoot any armed person on sight, the ability to detain looters (commonly called thieves), and the mere presence of any order would do the area some good.
A few weeks ago, this idea may have sounded absurd, which is why so few have heard me iterate these thoughts out loud, but how about now? Still think a strong presence in the area is a bad idea? Clearly our Chief is knee jerking. Sure NOW we have a stronger police presence there... what's that saying about the barn door and the horse?
Just Judy was the MP for that hood for YEARS and look at the mess. Is it HER fault? No, I don't think so, but neither is it Sam's. Sam's statements to Judy that she never ONCE called him about problems in the area, and how they might work together speak volumes of her ability. Shhh! Quiet!... still listening for it? Ya... you hear NOTHING, right?
Sam has his plate full too. Crime really isn't a Mayor's thing. I mean it is, yet it isn't. Judy's party watered down the YJA (Youth Justice Act) so badly it tastes a bit like camp kool aid. Blechh. So what's Sam to do? The Province (with Andy at the helm of Justice) is just as bad as the Fed NDPs. He said, (in response to a young offender missing dozens of curfews, shipping school and not complying with an order) that, "Manitobans don't want to be harsh with young offenders who miss a curfew". I wrote Andy and corrected him.
What's Sam to do? Ideas? He's not responsible for housing, yet Winnipeg spends millions on it. He's not responsible for training, yet Winnipeg spends money there too. If you had an idea about how much money was spent "training" gang members, and actually SAW how this all takes place, it'd likely make you hurl your lunch.
I've seen the foolishness first hand. I know why politicians keep talking about the "successes" of programs like "Build" and "ICR", and it's because no one actually looks into the DETAILS of these programs. No one asks questions like, "How many of the trainees have become carpenters?" or "How many of the trainees are still employed (in any field)? These programs, designed by egg heads to "give hope", don't.
I don't have the answers. There are things I know though.
I was asked by the head of NERC, "What do you think is the most important thing we can do for the people in the North End?" "Teach them to fish", I said. "Good. And how would you encourage them to learn how to fish?", he asked. "Stop giving fish away", I said.
At that comment, I was told I'm bitter, and he went on... like the drone pipe on a bagpipe...
A Mayor is responsible for the business of the City. A mayor is NOT responsible for ensuring the revolving door of justice gets closed, not responsible for workplace training or education, not responsible for health care, not responsible for housing, yet because the fires are burning with such intensity, the Mayor is forced to take up time on these matters because the PROVINCIAL NDP is fiddling while Rome burns.
Don't blame the Mayor for anything other than the business of the City... and especially the crime. It's NOT his gig. Wanna complain? Call Andy.

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