Sunday, October 17, 2010

Public Works Update

So a number of posts ago, I commented on signs erected on Ellice, the length of time they were there, measured in weekend drives home from the cabin. Today, it appears that some fine citizen moved the signs. To that person, exercising civil "common sense", I say "Thank you!" I was tempted to remove the useless signs myself, but alas, I didn't bother to get out of my vehicle.
If CoW workers wonder why people ignore street construction signs, it could be because they get erected weeks before anything happens, and are often left for days after the work crew is gone, a product of "that's not my department"
I saw a poster once. A long asphalt highway with freshly painted lines... and a dead possum with freshly painted lines on him. The bottom of the poster said, "It's not my job".
On a similar note, a friend of mine (also in construction) recently witnessed a CoW crew repairing a lane. They did a half assed job sweeping the broken concrete out of the "hole", and basically just dumped in asphalt and rolled it. In his words, "It's no wonder it falls out again in a few months".
Any one with a clue knows you have to PREP the surface you're repairing, but as said before, not just anyone can work for the City... you 'gotta be qualified.
"You got papers?"
"Sure, I got papers... zig zags OK?"

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