Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Request for an audience

A copy of the e-mail requesting a bit of time from candidate Cindy Gilroy-Price

Good day Cindy,

I hope the informal is OK. I was at last night forum and wondered if you had some time to discuss a few issues at greater length. Possibly a half hour or so? I have a number of questions regarding your take on development in the area, condo conversions, housing, etcetera.
Not to ambush you... I blog a bit. Probably not a big audience, but I know a number of residents in the community who read it. if you want to review my thoughts so far.
I'll also offer up that although you're likely my choice in the upcoming election, I'm less than impressed with pictures of old politicians who come out of obscurity to pose with you. One left the city deep in debt, the other just plain left the city. One of them thinks the ward is his painting palette, able to take over and close streets, add lights, and redirect traffic at a whim, and without consulting the community groups (SNA) or businesses located on the affected streets.
This invitation will also be posted on my blog, as will your response.

Thank you,
West End address provided in original e-mail

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