Friday, October 22, 2010

The Response from the candidate

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my in-box. I was chatting with a follower, (r) , just this morning at coffee regarding all the GOOD reasons my request for time would not get a response.
My blog is critical. After all, I'm not a reporter. My bias is evident, and if she read my blog, "holding my nose" at voting for her and my comments  in my request  for time regarding past politicians supporting her would have set that tone fairly clearly. Her response is as follows,

Hi RM,

Thank you for your email.  I would love to sit down and chat, you sound like you have some experience and I could learn a few things.  I am trying to get to as many doors as I can when it is daylight, so if you have the time to meet after 7:30 that would be great.  I have just a few days to go and as you probably guess I am working around the clock.  How does Friday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 at my campaign office at 819 Sargent work for you?   Let me know if that works for you.  You can always give us a call at 781-6230.  



How refreshing is THAT!? I love the honesty that she's demonstrated. She was unwilling to commit to any matter she didn't have enough information on at MERC, and is approaching an informal meeting as being mutually beneficial. While I stated earlier that I'd be "holding my nose" at the ballot box, and I really did feel that the pool was shallow when it came to quality candidates, I'm feeling a bit better now. Unfortunately, I had to respond as follows,


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I am out of town at that time. Regarding the timing of meeting, I've left my decision and request for time to chat a little late. If you are too pressed for time, know that your willingness to dialog is appreciated and confirms your statements at MERC.
I am free every evening next week, however I realize you may not be. Regardless of our scheduling, you have my (our) support and I (we) hope to work with you to make Winnipeg a better place, especially our West End neighbourhood.

Thank you and good luck on the 27th!

West End address provided in original e-mail

Maybe... just maybe we can get a councillor in the area who'll do more than nod, agree, tell me they'll do something, and generally attempt to convince me that they're working for me while blaming everything on the Mayor and cuts at City Hall.

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