Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I wondered about how Sears was doing so I checked the shares over the last 5 years. I guess everything is down, but they were at $200 and are now at about $75. I was curious, because this was, (in my mind), the last bastion of the customer being king. I don`t think that anymore.
I started on line, looking for a particular tool accessory. I found it online and decided to use my $10 off a purchase of $50 or more coupon. They hand out coupons to encourage people who might otherwise not go to the store, to visit.
Well that worked. I went. I drove there, parked, walked to the tool section on the second floor, walked around and did not find the more expensive, heavier duty one even available in the store. Seems it`s either a catalog, or online item only. Nice. Ok... I can forgive them for that. Let`s look at the cheaper one. Lighter duty, and regularly priced at almost $70. Today, it`s available... at the regular price. So lemme see here, The better unit is on sale through the catalog or online store for just under $70, reduced by almost $30, and the cheaper one is the same price. It`s on sale for just under $60 this weekend.
"But I`m not here this weekend. I`m out of town at the cabin ".
"Well at least you`re at the cottage", the salesman said, "I have to be here working."
Nice. No offer to reduce the price today, no suggestion that I get a price adjustment next week, just a "Sorry about your luck sucker" comment.
Guess what Mr Salesman? I don't have to buy this item at your store, or any other Sears store. I can get it cheaper mail ordered from the US, and given the strong dollar, I will. I'll pay the GST and PST anyway, so the only guy who looses is... you.

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