Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Journalistic independence... Ya right!

So I was bummed today. Yesterday, I was driving home at about 4:15, and I figured that the usual talk show I listen to on 92.9 KICK-FM, (The Great Canadian Talk Show), was simply extending the host, (Marty Gold) an extra day off. I didn't check my calendar to see if there was some Jewish Holiday, but thought that might be another possible reason.
The tall foreheads at RRCC decided to unceremoniously pull the proverbial plug on Marty's show, citing some bull shit about how they wanted to be more student focused, or some crap. Uh huh. Let's think about that for a second.
Regardless of Marty's show format, could anyone really say that the students working WITH Marty aren't learning anything? Seriously? And as for the idea of RRCC's radio station being more student focused, that's exactly what they MIGHT get... is having a greater percentage of the listeners being students BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL BE LISTENING. My radio was often on 92.9 simply because that's where it was when I got out of the car/SUV/truck... I set up the antenna at home on our stereo receiver specifically to listen to 92.9... if you think for a minute I'll be tuning in any longer dear egg heads, you are sadly mistaken.
I know a lot of people who tune in. Some liked Marty's rants, his yelling at what was incredulous information that he exposed, some liked his fearless attacks on the "hoity toity" class. (Aspers et al)
Really good sirs/madams at RRCC, do you somehow think you are doing your journalism students a FAVOUR by giving more of the same old... where you seem to churn out the likes of the journalistic incompetents currently writing for the Freep?
I always figured that Marty would stay on RRCC's airwaves until some smarter radio producer figured out PEOPLE LIKE THIS GUYS STYLE.
Sure, Winnipeg has had a rough time with the avante garde style journalism offered up by the once popular TALK 1390, John Collision and Gerald Fast guys, but Marty has never crossed the line. No complaints to the CRTC... nothing... except...
Where does the RRCC get is funding from? In my small mind, I assume it comes from the Province, and that the City passes on some "perks" for the down town campus. I assume there are well connected people who donate, and well connected likely means the Manitoba Club and so on. Winnipeg is the shooting location for the upcoming movie "One degree of separation". Everybody who is somebody knows everybody else who's a somebody. THEY had to shut that guy up.
There's a Facebook Group... we have the power... but we really don't, at least not in this manner. We don't have any "pull" at RRCC. They don't give a rip how the masses think, what radio station we listen to... ALL they care about is the money.
And there you have it... my take on why. Follow the money.
Great stories that were broken... remember them as history. Good thing Woodward and Bernstein didn't report for the RRCC news paper... they wouldn't have had a chance.Nixon would still be remembered as a great President in the US. (If you have no idea, try Google)
We suffer from a terrible malady in our journalism. No one seems to want to report on matters that should INCENSE the masses. Why bother? The City, Prov or Feds don't hand out news releases on their FAILURES, so no one digs. All the "new journalists" manage to dig up are the "feel good" news releases that are spun prior to release. I don't want none o' dat!
Marty... here's hoping you get a gig somewhere where you can continue unstifled.


  1. Excellent read. I hope Marty isn't silenced and gets his informative show picked up somewhere else. I definitely agree with the suggestion made by other people that he should look into podcasting.