Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Signs Signs everywhere there's signs...

... except where they seem to be needed most.
I've had the good fortune of travelling all over this continent, and Europe. Generally, I've been able to find my way around, often with sub standard maps, no real grasp of the language, and sometimes just a vague idea of where it is that I'm actually trying to go.
Winnipeg to an outsider must be a shit load of frustration. Imagine driving here if you don't come from here. I think we have more street signs than any place I've ever been. No right turn on between 15:30 and 17:30 and days that end in "Y", and so on. We have STOP signs at every intersection... we suffer from a plethora of signage we get so used to we just ignore it... like the abandoned "construction ahead", and "all traffic merge left" directional signs they City seems to leave behind, tipped over at various locations, but there is a type of sign CLEARLY missing.
Directions. Simple, intuitive, clear directions. Remember how I started. "If you don't come from here".
Even if you DO come from here... what a debacle!
Head north on Osborne (Route 62) and try to find your way to Pembina (Route 42) or Corydon (Route 95). As a life long Pegger, I know how to negotiate confusion corner, but there are no signs. Sure there's one just before the underpass showing the big sweeping circular arrow indicating a 200 degree turn starting at the next intersection, but in all the work done there this past year there is no sign at the area where Corydon becomes Donald indicating you need to turn left... or even to get into the left lane to swing onto McMillan... not that any Winnipegger knows that's McMillan you turn onto with the Bachman Realty offices on your left side. I always figured that was Donald. oops.
How about the mess at the Louise Bridge while on Stadacona southbound? Imagine wanting to get to Narin, and you have a map. You're an out of towner and you're looking for either Narin or Route 37, so you head up Stadacona only to discover that you are forced into a single lane, and cannot turn left... you HAVE to go straight at this point. This is a NEW development... I didn't know, and I've driven this route many times. A sign on Stadacona indicating "Narin Ave (Route 37)" needs to turn right onto Midwinter and then left onto Levi in order to go across the intersection would certainly help... but NOT in Winnipeg. In this City we think it's better to have the drivers continue across the river, and then turn onto the first available street (Sutherland) where they'll try to turn around and get back onto Higgins to cross the bridge again, except that they CAN'T turn left onto Higgins... so they're back into their maps trying to figure out how Annabella might help them get to where they want to go.
I wonder how many people leave this City hoping to never have to come back and drive here again?
There are numerous other locations like this. Perhaps we could start a list and forward the disaster to Streets and Transportation?
Here's the deal. YOU give me up to 10 poorly signed directional areas and I'll write and forward the letter to the proper City Department. We'll see if anything gets done. We have eight to go.

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