Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ass-per syndrom

What is it about Winnipeg media types?
Let's begin with, I'm not against a new stadium, and I'm not against paying for it (primarily) as a tax payer.
Cloutier (almost) defended Assper today explaining to an e-mailer, (paraphrased), "He deserves to get his $4 million back, as I understand it from a good source, there's no profit for him, it's just reimbursing his money spent and the countless hours he's invested. He got it done! He got the new stadium started!"
What a sham. This guy's a "journalist"?  We were lied to and fed bovine scat for months, and this qualifies as "got it done"? We were told (By Asper paraphrased), "I'm doing this to give back, it's philinthropic. I know people won't understand that, but that's it."
Ya huh. Tell us Assper, how much have you "given"? Gifts "in kind"?
Lemme start a project! What do we want?  I'll dig a hole, and it's as good as done and everyone can thank me for my "philanthropy" after giving me back whatever I spent, AND cover my time. I'm a businessman too after all, why treat me differently?
Who starts a project without plans? How can you even "guess" at a project budget without a napkin drawing of what you want to build.
Gary Lawless in the FreeP had another great one, and was asked by readers in the comments area if he had been playing football without a helmet. "We need Asper back on the team"
No. Winnipeg no longer needs any Assper. Winnipeg has spent enough hard earned Winnipeg tax payer money on Assper projects. Go away. We don't need "visionaries" who are nothing more than dreamers with no money of their own to invest. Stick to what you know (whatever that is... but it ain't media, museum building, or stadium (or retail mall) development), and STOP spending MY money. WE did not elect Assper (either one), and  have no way to hold them to account, Katz clearly misled us all and kept his knowledge under warps until after his election victory, and Selinger... well I wouldn't buy anything off that guy. If you removed all the slime off him you'd be left with a wire similar to the skeleton of a "Gumby" toy.
When will someone in the mainstream media call this for what it is? A sham! we were fleeced, and now we're told it's a "done deal".
This is (possibly) the first time I hope Harvey Smith and Jenny Gerbasi et al block something.
"A great deal for Winnipeg". NOT. The Bombers are a team almost yearly hanging from a silken thread... suddenly they're re paying MILLIONS. Doubt it... so I guess we'll cover it, after Assper and Slimey are forgotten... and who'll remember that the tract of valuable land near Polo doesn't generate property or school taxes in 15 years?
This is not a good deal. We're taking "some"design, and "some tenders", and completing a shit hole someone else started digging. An RFP for a design/build should have been sent out for proposals instead of a few years of listening to Assper talk about where HE was going to build a stadium.
What happened to Ledohowski? Leo isn't looking at a huge empire of hotels in receivership, but I'm not sure he wants to get into something he knows NOTHING about, which is (I think) what the biggest problem here was. Assper thought he knew something about building stadiums because he's been in one and he's built some building, so he MUST be qualified.
No. Just because you've slept next to a 2x4, you're not a carpenter. Just because you helped your uncle build a dock at the lake doesn't mean you can renovate your kitchen, and just because you watched a crew stand your neighbour's garage in 3 days doesn't mean you can build your own new house.
Assper (pick one), should please STOP helping, and the media should offer up a scathing review of the project (s), the time lines, the budget changing (monthly), the fundraising goals (ongoing), and the self professed "philanthropy" that involves getting paid, jet setting around, and having all your expenses covered.
Methinks the "children" didn't ever have "real jobs", so now they need to "find work" by spending more money they didn't earn, and was never theirs.

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  1. Asper should get nothing. He failed to meet the conditions of his tender.

    As for his design, its not worth the paper its printed on. Keep it.

    Next time, we'll do this properly.