Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Stupid Things

Okay, this post has been percolating for a while. Dates are included.

December 9   Watching Barbara Walters. She's interviewing Justin Bieber. Barbara asks him, "Is there someone you aspire to be like?" Bieber answers, "Something between Prince and Michael Jackson".
I laughed, and laughed at his answer. Pick two of the most screwed up people in the world, and hope to be like them.

December 22  Driving by the corner of Portage and St. James, I wondered out loud about how much energy I could save by converting to CFL "bulbs" as opposed to MB Hydro just turning out the lights illuminating their building's propaganda.

December 23  NORAD helping Santa in Canadian aerospace. What do these guys do the rest of the year?

Sylvia Kuzyk. Is it time? Is there any other place in the world where a weather girl was given a job for life?

Annoyed with hearing the "catchy" "Recycle every- where" commercial again, I thought I'd google them. Blue bins to "help us" recycle away from home. Never seen one. Heard this guy on CJOB tell us giving back the 2 cents as a refund wouldn't help us as much as their plan does. Sounds like another government-arm program run by relatives of MGEU members.

January 12  Drive down St. Matthews between Empress and Strathcona with a coffe in anything other than a thermos and you'll be wearing it. Seems to me there was some construction going on here a few months ago. I guess the road is "depressed" now. Between the railway crossings and the now hollow road base, it's not long before someone is accused of "baby shaking" only to have them defend themselves by saying, "I was just driving down the street, and..."

January 31 Disralie south west bound just before Logan... I think I lost a tie rod, a sway bar bushing, and a filling. Wow... this is a freeway huh? I'd hate to see the condition of the ox cart trail.

Feb 7 Heard on CJOB, (paraphrased), "Norwood Community Center is almost ready to reopen after being vandalized in November. Police are still looking for the suspects". Ya... like the way they are still looking for the guys who broke into my house in 1994. Just because they never solved the case, doesn't make them "looking"... or even caring.

Feb 9 WRHA spends $38K on a patio... and defends itself.

"Heidi Graham, a spokeswoman for the WRHA, defended the patio, saying it is accessible to about 400 employees at both the headquarters and ACCESS facility, and can be used to host fundraising events and even double as a community garden whose produce will be donated to community groups."It's unfortunate that the CTF doesn't believe we should be investing in our workforce in this way, because they are our most valuable asset," Graham said.

Actually Heidi, I'm your greatest asset. I loose 6 months of my income to taxes. 4 months of that goes to pay you, your workforce, and your patio. Don't thank me...I don't have a choice.

Child soccer players are supposed to stop counting goals. I wonder if this is because a lot of kids now can't count? If they can count, I'll bet the still are, even if everyone else "isn't".

Feb 24 Watching TV and watch a commercial warning that immigration consultants can't promise you a successful application, a job, a visa, and want you to go to a web page for more information. Question is, why are we airing these IN Canada? Doesn't immigration start while the applicant is in a different country?

Why does Bell TV broadcast "The Aquarium Channel" and "La Chaine Aquarium"...I mean really... an English and a French channel broadcasting a virtual... aquarium? I never noticed if we also have a French and an English "Yule Log Channel".

Driving down Sargent Ave between Empress and Strathcona, crossing the railway tracks. Fully one half of the curb lane is gone, buried under snow. I guess CUPE would point to that as a failure of the contractors, neglecting to remember that CUPE members are the supervisors. Funny how City employees can't even supervise properly.

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  1. Aquarium Channel? I would love to see the Fireplace Channel at all times of the year though.