Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Now that I have your attention following a title that may be misleading...
Sure, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and I won't bore you with the story of St. Valentine, 'cause I don't know it, or care enough about it to even Google it. What I do know is that after Valentine's Day is another very special day.
I married a very special woman on this day, a year ago. We got hitched in Vegas in a ceremony that was only attended by the two of us, and an electrical contractor I know who just happened to have planned a week there at the same time. (So we had him as our witness).
It's bee a great year... so good, that I didn't get her a card. There's no possible way that some schmuck who wanted to be a journalist and is now stuck in some cubical writing Hallmark cards could possibly tell her how much she means to me... the joy and strength she gives me... how her smile makes me think (every time) about how blessed I am.
There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't say, "Thank you God, for this woman who is such a blessing in my life". There's no one else to thank. I don't "deserve" her love... she chooses to give it to me every day. I've done nothing to "earn" it.
She supports me in my ideas, helps me stay focused (when I need it), respects my judgment, defends me when I need it, shares my joy and my frustrations. She is a partner, which is so much more than "a wife".
She is wonderful, and I am a better man because of her.
I never knew... I had no idea... I didn't understand how far reaching the implications of such support and the ensuing happiness was in life. To have people ask, "How are you?", and to instantly know the answer is "I'm great, thanks."
I had the opportunity to help a stranger yesterday. She was from Swan River, and had locked her keys in her van. She was a bit apprehensive about the 'hood she was in, (Portage and Simcoe), and asked if she could possibly trouble me for a ride to her hotel. I obliged, believing that the "pay it forward" (or pay it back) needs to have both deposits and withdrawals made from the "account".
She lamented her stupidity, and told me that if her husband were still alive this would have never happened. She lost him three years ago. After wishing me and those I love a "Happy Valentine's" from the the door of my vehicle that was idling in front of the  hotel she was staying at, she told me something.
"Cherish the one you love, because life is fragile. You never know when someone might not be there with you any longer."
Forgive me for not having got you some schmaltzy card Honey.
I love you. You are cherished.

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