Thursday, February 10, 2011

Water and Waste, 311

So my wife said, "You should post something a little more positive."

That was over a month ago... I was waiting for something positive to happen. I had thought about a post about the three amigos, or cyclists wanting a meter clear to passing vehicles, or the "problem" intersections as reported in the papers, but instead, I had a good experience with...THE CITY!

I have a client(s) which are a major fast food chain. With over 10 locations in the city, I can at times keep pretty busy troubleshooting the various issues they have with the different locations. At one of them, we've been chasing a water pressure/volume issue for some time now. I've replaced flush valves, flushed the water lines, adjusted the wall flush valves, and the issues are constant. Very poor pressure if more than one fixture is used. That's a problem when there are 6 toilets, 2 urinals, 8 sinks... you get the idea.

I called 311's line and went through the "1" for English and then another "1" for water issues. I explained that I was looking for a number to call regarding the problem and was promised that someone would come out within the hour. I was given a reference number, which I scrawled on a wall. (It's ok... we'll paint over it... after we drywall it)


I've had other pretty good experiences with the guys coming out to help with frozen meters/services, replace/install meters, turn off the service to allow us to upgrade seized shut off valves, but almost never a non emergency call within the hour.

Bill and his helper came, we talked about the problem, and Bill was very knowledgeable. He explained where the main was, the length of the service, other things on the line, and while we both doubted the "fix" required was a meter replacement, he said he'd change it out to see if there was a problem. Within a half hour, the new meter was running, and while it didn't fix the problem, Bill did what he could, and that's all any reasonable person ever expects. Bill then got me a phone number to call about up sizing the meter after looking at the service diameter and the main trunk piping. He told me that if we'd call, he'd have a larger sized meter in his truck tomorrow so we could size the installation properly. While we talked, Bill mentioned that he had been busy today with a number of frozen service calls, so my idea about it being a slow day were dashed.

Armed with a list for copper piping and elbows, I left thinking, "There's a guy who knows his stuff. I'm glad Bill is around when you need him."

I don't often have a lot of good to say about the City, but today I can say that both 311 and the Water Service people did their jobs very well.

Thanks Bill. (and 311)

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  1. I just love great customer service, and people who know their jobs, and take pride in their work. It sounds like Bob is one of those people.
    I have been in the customer service industry for several years, and I recognize good customer service when I see it. In todays world it is something worth noting instead of something to be expected when the person is on time, knowledgeable, friendly, or able to perform their duties.
    Thanks for reminding us that there is still great service coming from the City.