Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winnipeg set for a strike!

If Winnipeg's employees go on strike, how much money will we save? I was curious, and looked for info to see just how much of the budget goes to salaries. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find this little gem.

Wow. Here's a list of everyone who makes more than $50K working for YOU. I wonder whose NOT on the list. I get to run into some of these folks... and I am a bit surprised... well, maybe that's not the right word.

I know a Fire Fighter. My age. $85K. No shit? Really?

Guys doing Plan Examination. CET qualifications (two years at RRCC), $70K and up.

Zoning officers and Housing Inspectors, $65K.  The head of Development and Inspections (P.Eng.) $128K

Policemen... Constable is the lowest rank best I can tell, so virtually everyone on the force is listed I suppose.

Sure, I know, $50K isn't that much money, but really, I'm about sick and tired of the people working for me making that much coin when very often, they do a shitty job. Consider the 311 operator making $62K. All that to punch in some info on a keyboard and then read the questions back to me, typically asking the things I just told them...

Civil servants seem to forget the hand that feeds them. We're told what a great job they do through their Union TV and Radio spots, making sure our water is safe, blah blah blah. I'm SO tired of hearing how over worked these people are. They do their 8-4, put in a sold 5 hours, and go home to forget about life back at the office. They are compensated better than the private sector, and have better benefits. I don't think there's a way to get fired unless you are a complete and total moron who drinks on the job, physically assaults their supervisor, and REFUSE to go to AFM with pay.

Go ahead... strike. I need the money. Any chance I could get a refund for the days you're off wearing those goofy "CUPE" signs?

Guess what? No one else is getting a raise this year, why should you? Are you indispensable? Doubt it. What qualifications do you need to be a 311 Customer Service Specialists II ? Fortunately, we can check out the City Web Site  that tells us what a sample job posting looks like for a level I. It reads as follows,


The incumbents possess: high school graduation or equivalent; recent experience providing excellent customer service; ability to communicate effectively in French and English is mandatory for bilingual positions; superior interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to speak clearly, calmly, and professionally; excellent reading and comprehension skills; ability to learn quickly, and navigate various databases and applications in a multi-tasking environment. A clear Criminal Record Check is required of all incumbents, at their own expense

 Heck... that's ME! Or even one of my kids! They all graduated High School! Are you telling me the people who give me the run around make more than people doing IT work in the private sector? Or accounting, ar/pr work?

Just WHAT is going on here?  I'm so tired of this... cursing won't help, but... no, I won't. I've managed to avoid profanity in all my entries, but this one.... this is close, because I'm helpless. All I can do is continue to PAY and listen to how hard "they" work.

Building Inspectors whining about how many calls they have, "I can't get there for a few days". 6weeks to get a building permit. A Police service that doesn't even respond to written complaints.

I now know why Mom said, "Get a job with the City".

Winnipeg. One Great City. Especially if you work for them.

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