Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elizabeth May has a problem

The problem is "zero". That's the amount of seats she has in The House of Commons. Sure, her "party" took 6% of the popular vote in '08... but so what? I bet a well organized Marijuana Party could garner more support. She really had very little substantial to say in the last debates, which she had to fight to be included in, and managed to because one MP crossed the floor... nice trick. Try getting re elected as a "Green", That wasn't going to happen, so he "gave" the Greens "credibility" by virtue of crossing the floor, except that the House never actually sat, so they never had a sitting member in the House.  As if that's all it takes.
Sure, the Reform party started with one seat, but they were actually ELECTED (Deb Grey, 1989). OK, it was a by-election, but the Green's assertion that they were now to be taken seriously because they had a seat was absurd. What's next? The Christian Heritage Party gets someone to cross the floor and sit as a CHP, and suddenly they are a "force"?
May's kid came by here a few years back, campaigning for Mom, (actually, he was the campaign manager). Bad choice... it hurts your credibility... makes it look like a "family business" that couldn't find anyone else to run, or didn't want them, or worse, gives the idea that there was something in the water at your house. He was pretty short on substance, as was May. What was her promise again? To spend three months to come up with a plan.
What? You want me to vote for you so you can take three months to tell me what your plan is? Are you serious?
She is. She's serious, which makes it all the more humorous to consider the Green's as a "real" party.
BTW, I don't think Gilles should be in the English debate either. He has no ability to sway any voters anywhere other than Quebec. Don't use up the debate time even asking this guy a question.
Liz, if you want to run with the big boys (girls), win a seat... any seat... just one... and then in a few years you could join up with the NDP and you could have some voice, which is more than the NDP currently has... which reminds me...
My riding. What a mess. Pat Martin. Hey Shelly Glover! Come up with something witty to say about this guy's best before date! The vote splitting keeps it look like he's got a lot of support, which I guess he does. If you add up all the other votes, it's a tie.
My question for the 12,285 people who voted for him last time around is,  "What's he done for you lately?"
Speaking of Shelly, her comments on Anita were spot on. Anita wanted to know how Shelly had any place to speak on her performance on her representation in her riding. OK, Lemme! I was a constituent of yours Anita, and you were past your best before date some time ago. Your saving grace, (as opposed to Reg Alcock), is that everyone forgets about you because you have so little to say/do. Perhaps you can fleece the voters there for another term.

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