Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flood fighting in Brandon

So the unelected Premier Greg Selinger goes to Brandon today for a photo op. He announces that the Province has purchased two new sand bagging machines.
Before I make my point, let me say that flood fighting is serious. In Winnipeg, it's a political thing, after all, we already expanded the floodway to protect the City. We're safe. Our rural friends are not, and the work should not be the only "good" thing people remember.... like buying two new sand bagging machines. Big deal. The machines are worth $35K each. Does Greg show up for a picture every time the Department of Highways buys a new truck? They're drilling a bunch of holes into the Red River near Selkirk, and Christine Melnick goes for a photo op. 16,000 holes, for $15K. Whoopie.
It's not the fact that they're not doing anything, it's that they seem to use it as a big "we're working to protect YOU" spiel, when the $$$ are really small potatoes.

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