Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go ahead Iggy... force an election

Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc... no one is happy. Of course they're not happy! The Liberals are no longer in a position to do the lying, covering up, and the type of fiscal mismanagement we became used to during the Cretien years. Ever heard of the "red book"? It was the 1993 election platform they ran on... and basically did little of aside from cancelling the much needed helicopter purchase the Conservatives agreed to.
Then there was the Grand-Mere in scandal, where the PM was "accused" of influence peddling the Canadian Business Development Bank to approve a loan for someone to buy HIS golf course. Nice. Only in a Banana Republic can a sitting PM do that and not be charged with a crime, and removed from office.
Then we had the sponsorship scandal. Did we need a recap of how the Liberals had hundreds of millions of dollars (directed by the PMO) to Liberal friends ?
We could go on, but really... this government appears squeaky clean compared to the past Liberal mess.

So Iggy... we are to believe that some egg head is not only qualified to run the country, (when your greatest achievement to date has been to... be a left wing prof teaching out of the country?), but that we are to trust you with the keys huh?

These folks all seem to "stick" together. What was it Sampert said today? Something about the budget is merely a ploy to have the opposition force an election no one wants so the Conservatives could later blame it on them.  Why ... Why... WHY do people keep talking to her? I'd think that after her "Judy" quotes, she'd have NO credibility on any topic. Poly Sci Professor...History Professor... whatever, they all see the world through a somewhat skewed lens. Sampert's comments are so stupid they hardly were worth reporting on... similar to her Judy quotes.

"If Judy Wasylycia-Leis loses the civic election it will because of her gender."  WFP 10/3/10

Iggy, Gilles, and Jacques all need to get on with WORKING, not the BS that has been going on on Parliament Hill for the past few years. Clearly there are many people who did not vote Conservative, but there's a whole country that didn't vote for Gilles, and he's there too, complete with a party full of people who have treasonist ideology. Deal with it. He's the PM, the Conservatives are running the show, and bending on important issues they'd rather not, but do so to keep the work going.

The NDP and the Liberals never saw a Crime Bill they didn't want to water down... even Conrad Black weighs in on the big bad Conservatives wanting to spend more money on more prisons.

They greatest issue with this whole mess is that it will continue to cause more voter apathy. We're tired of looking like our political system is akin to Italy's... let's just LOOK like a stable country. There is no concern about the costs, the immeasurable costs as they relate to the  fact that we're going into ANOTHER election, which will likely bring the same results we currently have.

The opposition is being opportunistic, plain and simple, but to what end? Iggy doesn't have the support of enough people to even consider him as Prime Ministerial material. Heck, we didn't even vote for the current Liberals with him as the party leader... he's a "newbie", replacing the last looser and his "carbon tax" where he was going to take the money from us, and then give it back to us.  Iggy tried to force an election in '09 too, but Jacques and his Pat Martin band of clones abstained from the vote. Then there was the coalition threat... remember that? He was really going to give the Bloc a major say in how things get done... what a clown show.

In the end, Iggy will loose, and we'll witness yet another Liberal leadership convention... all so Iggy could play politician. Really... this guy is full of himself, and he's not thinking about Canadians.


  1. Harper isn't exactly causing the public to burn enthusiastically.

    The last election which no one wanted was called by Harper, not be the Opposition. Important crime legislation didn't pass as a result.

    Six months before Harper became prime minister, people didn't consider him prime ministerial and he was laughed at for the Calgary Stampede cowboy outfit. His own party was trying to oust him.

    Guess this election comes down to how you feel. Last election was okay and this one is not?

  2. As I remember, Harper met with Dion for about 20 minutes four days before meeting with the GG stating that there was no common ground between the "official opposition" and the government. The Bloc and the NDP consistently voted against the Conservatives, and the Liberals either voted with, or abstained. Dissolving parliment when you've lost all the support doesn't seem like a bad move given the leadership problems the "official opposition party" has had over the past... three leaders? Just my take... I'm clearly biased though.

  3. I think the way to test the support in Parliament is putting to a vote. Harper created term limits and he was the first to break with that by calling the last election without facing a confidence vote.

    The Opposition has not voted non-confidence to bring the government down until now. That is five years.

    Harper made a decision to call can election one year after setting term legislation even though no matters of confidence were not voted down. Depending on where you stand, one might think Harper calling an election is okay but the Opposition doing it is not okay.