Friday, March 11, 2011

Lasers are Sheening in my eyes

Ya... no, I didn't misspell shining but tried to be creative, linking the two topics today.

We've all watched Charlie Sheen implode. It's sad were it not so funny. over 2 million people follow this guy on Twitter. No kidding. 2 million people with so little else to do, likely taking time from their jobs to read the rants of a man who has clearly swum into the deep end of the pool, tired, inebriated, and without a personal flotation device. We've seen this before when Mel Gibson swam in the pool too, but it looks like with the help of some friends, Mel has at least got his publicly broadcast rants under some control. Who really knows? Robert Downey Jr. had his "time" in the slime light too, and it looks like he's beaten his demons back... but the fight continues in the lives of all people affected as they are.

Sure, they're "stars"... so what? They are just regular everyday people, prone to falling down, as is anyone in society, and while "we" can sometimes sit back and try to understand "how can this happen?", it's probably easier given a life of excess than for the regular working schlep.

I'm saddened by the fact that this guy has clearly been able to live his life recklessly and get himself into this mess, (and out of a job... not unusual. Know any addicted people who lost a job, or two, or three, or...), without an intervention, but as it's been said, people have to hit the bottom first. We'll likely hear more in the future, and I'll continue to resist delving digging into his misery, following all the available links. Knowing what he's going through doesn't improve my life or outlook, and it just continues to make me wonder why "we" seem to revel in someones downfall.

The sad thing for me is... I really enjoyed all three of the mentioned actors in their various roles, and you can't really "go back". Aside from RDJ, I don't know that I can watch a Gibson movie without the persona being "sullied", and CS... well aside from Two and a Half Men, has he ever really done anything of any substance?

Which brings me to the laser incident. Sure... stupid... absolutely, but c'mon, "It can cause temporary blindness" ? Assault with a weapon? Are you kidding me? How about a serious sit down and response followed by some media coverage emphasizing to the average idiot that it's NOT ok to try your .99 cent laser pointer at the helicopter. Now before you go off on me, do you REALLY think or believe that if the CJOB traffic copter had been the "target" that the WPS would have cared?


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  1. "and CS... well aside from Two and a Half Men, has he ever really done anything of any substance?"