Thursday, April 21, 2011

Could a coalition really be that bad?

Let's begin with this. These are my PERCEPTIONS. There is little empirical evidence to much of the things I'll write. I purposefully chose NOT to dig up stories and quotes. There will be my own bias in the following, and for those who have read in the past, it's right leaning.

Yes, it can, (is the answer to the question posted in the title).

I think that's the first time I've used bold in a post, so let me explain why my perceptions lead me to that conclusion.

I'm not going to get into leader names, because they all have persona which me may simply choose to like, or dislike. It's intangible... and here we are, getting more tecnical than I wanted, because SOME of our choice revolves around who we CHOOSE to trust, (or who scares us the least).

The Liberals are unabashedly saying that they'll raise taxes to pay for "things" we all want, or at least we're told we all want. It doesn't matter where the taxes come from, they are monies taken OUT of the economy and redistributed. This is the potential government telling us (again) that they know better to spend our money than we do. Make no mistake, a corporate tax is OUR money. Mutual funds are driven my corporate dividends and profits... any seniors out there with any money in mutual funds, (or did everyone bail?) Corporation will simply pass on the increased costs, or decreased profits to the end user, increasing our personal cost of living. There aren't too many economists out there who subscribe to the idea that raising taxes is "good".

The NDP... now here's a scary group. For my lifetime, this has been a party that called itself the "social conscience" of Canada. They've never been in a position to wield much of anything, including real influence. Could you imagine a party with such grandiose social ideas being partially responsible for setting the direction of spending and taxation? Suddenly, a party with NO responsibility to have any reasonable ideology insofar as the economy goes is thrust into a position where it could do tremendous harm. Consider the NDP as the son who stayed in the basement bedroom of his Mom's house, suddenly able to spend the money that runs the household as he saw fit, while never having to had been responsible for any tangible finances before.


The Bolc? Well here we have a group that's stated purpose to to divide the country, and "will work with any party that works in the best interests of Quebec". Treason... look it up.

Clearly this country needs to reform it's parliamentary system. The vote splitting continues to divide the country, and it doesn't look like things are getting better.

The Tories. This is the FIRST time I ever remember hearing anyone in politics speak plain and simple, "taxes are bad for economic growth". Since high school economics, and later in University, I've believed that taxes are a necessary evil, designed to do the things the private sector simply cannot, or will not do. It's OK... there is a place for taxes and governments, but to continue to take... to continue to fund "new" programs... to continue to redistribute wealth is (imho) wrong.

The Liberals have stated that if the Tories don't form a majority, and they don't have the confidence of the House, the Governor General will have to approach the leader to see if there is a possibility of forming a government. The NDP has said they will no longer support the Tory government... so all I can infer from that is that is the Tories don't get a clear majority, we are going to be looking a bit like Italy insofar as our political "mess" goes, and that is NOT a good thing.

Coalitions might work where you have common ground, with no party able to do anything without the other, (and even these scenarios don't work everywhere). We have no such situation here. Here we have parties desperate to WIN, not to SERVE, and that is where my perception takes me to the final question I ask myself.

Which party will SERVE me?

I'm off to order a lawn sign. In my riding, it will be a wasted sign, a wasted vote... yet not. It depends on how you look at it all I suppose. Here I am voting as much against the existing as I am voting for something else. The current scenario has not SERVED me well, (or at all).

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