Sunday, April 3, 2011

Minneapolis restaurant reviews

Sure, I know... a week later than I said I'd write this, but I'm guessing not too many people delayed their trip to the Mini Apple on account of my foot dragging on this.
We didn't go out too often, but we did visit the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, and had a drink (or two) and a small pizza. It was good, and a part of the skywalk system, so we didn't have to bundle up. It was easy to walk there from the theater, (inside and about 200'), and a popular spot with the after theater crowd. A bit noisy, but still good value. The service was acceptable.
Breakfast was at the hotel,  The Residence Inn Marriot . Had they figured out how to keep the food warm, it would have been very good. Unfortunately, only the "do it yourself" waffles were hot.
Lunch was at the Bubba Gumps at the Mall of America. In typical Bubba Gump fashion... it was shrimp, and was good. That said, I've been to a number of Bubba Gump Restaurants, and this one isn't memorable. Perhaps that's because it's not on the Santa Monica Pier, or looking over Monterrey Bay, but I remember those visits as being "better" than the Mall of America.
Supper... where to eat? I used the internet and found a place close. It sounded very interesting, (Brazilian Steakhouse), and I used their on-line reservation function to make our impending visit known. We arrived late, about 10pm, and were greeted promptly, and our coats were taken with a complimentary coat check. We were taken to our table and the Maitre De asked if we had been there before. Since we answered "no", he gave us the run down. Two courses, the first at the "self serve" area.
This was no Bonanza salad bar. Pretty much everything was excellent from the cheese to the sun dried tomatoes, smoked salmon, prosciutto, asparagus, salad... it was tough to not over do it here, because the second course was why we were really here.
We were given a small button, similar to our lunch stop. If you've never been to Bubba Gumps, there is a license plate at every table, (actually two). One says "Run Forest Run" (which indicates everything is fine at your table) and the other is "Stop Forest Stop", (which indicates that you want your server to attend to you). At our evening stop, the "button" was the size of a coaster. One side is green, the other red. The obvious meanings apply. When the green side is up, servers come by with various meat dishes, which were cooked to perfection on a skewer. An incredible assortment of to and bottom sirloin, bacon wrapped tenderloin, chicken, lamb chops, rack of lamb... for a true meat eater, this place had no comparison, at least no in Winnipeg. I kept my green button showing as long as I could, but eventually had to flip to the red side. At any time you can decline a type of meat, waiting for a different cut, or even making requests (as we did with the lamb).
We have nothing that comes close to this type of eating experience, at least not that I've tried. The service was beyond excellent, the food was mouth watering, and prepared superbly.
It was price, at $150 for the two of us (including a 1/2 bottle of wine), but no more than our last rather disappointing visit to 529, where the cuts were "chewey" and under cooked.
If you have the time, and enjoy meat cooked in a unique manner, visit Fogo De Chao Churrascaria the next time you get to visit the Twin Cities... you won't be disappointed.

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  1. We have a Brazilian Restaurant like that where we are - but haven't been there yet, we keep meaning to try it, but always end up eating somewhere else...maybe you should visit, and then we'd have a reason to go!