Thursday, April 28, 2011

NDP riding high. I'm scared spitless.

Who'd of thought? Now in the back of my mind, this is all just a Probe Research /Decima poll that means nothing really, but then again, what if this is really a finger on the pulse?
The markets took a hit when news of the NDP's surge in popularity became news, and why wouldn't they?

Imagine the NDP as that auntie you loved as a kid... you know, the one who lived far away. She sent you a birthday card with $10 in it every year... $20 at Christmas, and a chocolate bunny with another ten spot at Easter. When you saw her in person, she'd tell you how tall you were growing, what a good looking young man (woman... you pick the tense that suits you best, and there will be no transgendered people included in this blog post)you were as she pressed a twenty into your hand telling you not to spend it all in one place.

It's not real. The aunt doesn't have a "real" relationship with you, she's telling you what you want, plying you with cash, and she's really cool... but substance is lacking. She's not really "there", rather she's what YOU think a great aunt really is.

Your other aunt, the one who comes to your school play, makes you Easter dinner, buys you something you need for Christmas, and phones on your birthday... she's not as cool.

The aunt you really like, she's the NDP aunt.

Ask yourself, "Do the NDP have ANY credibility running anything?" In Manitoba, we've seen the balanced budget law fudged with accounting practices so far from typical that it's hardly recognizable as bookkeeping, let alone real number crunching. In Ontario, the Bob Rae years could be blamed on the recession, but boy did that province pay for the chance to elect an NDP government. They still haven't dug out of that hole... and Manitoba, well really, I'm not sure we'll ever really dig out of the mess the NDP has created here, simply because Rosanne Wowchuck couldn't possibly figure out how bad the numbers really are. And BC? Does anyone remember Glen Clarke and how well his scandal plagued provincial government did?

The NDP embraces ideas that the rest of the world has discarded. Socialism.

"More Doctors! Better Pensions! Tax the corporations! Feed the poor! Hug a Thug!, More Social programs! "

Who doesn't think these are laudable goals (aside from the hug a thug thing... no one whos' not a Liberal or an NDP cabinet Minister knows that's wrong)? But...

I'd love to give money to Silom Mission to feed people. I'd be tickled to drop groceries off at an ailing neighbours home. I'd like to buy formula for the single Mom in the dirty apartment block a few blocks away. It would be great to make sure everyone is healthy and getting the medical attention they need.

Problem is, it takes a lot of cash to carry out this ideology, and I'm a little short. And so is the NDP. In Manitoba we have a deficit that just keeps on growing, with no end in sight. Cash for their friends at the CMHR, stadium holes dug by clowns, more unaccountable dollars for bloated bureaucracies at the WRHA and other health regions, allowing poor management at our "jewel in the" crown corporation, including run away spending on towers and dams, transmission lines dictated with no regard to the real experts, and so on.

Imagine the pain we could have inflicted upon our nation if the federal NDP kept only HALF of the promises they've made! Sure, each of us might get something, but what would we LOOSE in the process? Do the lefties REALLY believe that a tax on corporations would raise all that cash?

Face it, the middle, and upper middle class has ALWAYS been the group that ended up paying, even in NDP ruled Manitoba, where the "people's party" continues to RAISE taxes by virtue of bracket creep.

No... don't do it... not even as a protest vote. ESPECIALLY not as a protest vote. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to officially decline a ballot in a federal election, so choose a party, but don't protest by voting for a scary party.

Jack Layton... he's scary... not as a man, not as the leader of a minority party typically in third place, but as a Prime Minister... positively terrifying. And the other people who would make up "the team"? Pat Martin as Finance Minister? (Since Judy is gone, and Blakie isn't there anymore). People who are running for a third rate party aren't all that qualified... it's like thinking the Conservatives have a great candidate running in Churchill... why waste the effort?

Oh no... I can't imagine things going well federally. I can imagine a dark rider on a black horse holding a set of scales in his hand... a horseman of the Apocalypse representing economic disaster, and as his hood moves slightly to the side, we see his smiling face, his moustache, and recognize him as Jack.


  1. I'm no fan of the NDP government in Manitoba either, but c'mon. "The NDP embraces ideas that the rest of the world has discarded. Socialism."

    Like Norway? Switzerland? Finland? China still embraces communism for God's sake and the Conservatives WISH they could rule the country like the communists rule China.

    I doubt the NDP will get enough seats to form government without a Liberal alliance to keep them in check. But face facts, the Conservatives wasted billions of dollars on single engine fighter jets useless for the arctic, a billion freakin dollars pointelessly spent on the G20 summit, and spent half of what the Liberals saved during the 90's as soon as they found an excuse (and predominately in their own ridings too)

    I say give the Federal NDP a shot. The sky won't fall despite your chicken little doomsday scenario. The Liberals are corrupt, the Conservatives are the same and in contempt, the green are non-entities. Jack Layton and the Federal NDP? Haven't had a go yet. Saying all the right things. Aren't micromanaging everything and everybody like the Conservatives are. the Bloc are thankfully getting trounced, even hardline bloc supporters are tired of them and defecting to the NDP. Shouldn't that be cause for celebration?

    They probably won't, but the conservatives deserve to lose this election for how annoying their election ads and photo ops are. For how they're stuck on failed policies like repeating the US war on drugs here and creating American style work prisons. Cons have been shit for helping Canadians out who get in trouble abroad. They deported a Canadian citizen Marc Emery to the USA just to appease the Americans. That's how much sovereignty matters to them. Good riddance. I'll take the NDP over that sort of garbage. And theres nobody to blame for an NDP win except the Conservatives and Liberals own decrepitude. If the NDP win, it's because they took the time to appeal to people who aren't over 60 years old.

    I never thought I'd see the day where I willingly vote for the NDP, but they're clearly the best choice available.

  2. "the Conservatives wasted billions of dollars on single engine fighter jets useless for the arctic"

    This is the second know-nothing post you have made on this subject. The first here:

    Perhaps you should stop making this stuff up. If the aircraft was not suitable for cold weather ops, the CF would not have purchased it.

  3. Perhaps you should stop making this stuff up. If the aircraft was not suitable for cold weather ops, the CF would not have purchased it.

    Single engine = worthless for the arctic. Simple as that. Frankly I've been suspicious of your sockputting of this issue for a while now but I'm not particularly fussed about arguing with you about it. As for your statement that they would not have purchased it if it were not suitable, that's fucking retarded.

  4. You won't argue because you know fuck all about it, other than being a Liberal shill. I worked with the CF-18 for almost 20 years so perhaps you are right not to try and argue.

  5. regardless, that remains one issue of many. feel free to justify the $$$ spent on the g20 or conservative plns regarding anything regarding canadian sovereignty. and for therecord i hacve never been a member of the liberal or ndp parties and have at one time or another given my vote to every party including the greens and incarnations of the conservatives. i by no means care to see the libs or conservatives win this time around. corporatist shills the both of them.

  6. Riverman if it is so good why is it still a pipe dream on the shop floor , and less are ordering it every day you work for the Bristol do you .

  7. The beautiful thing about a free country is that everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it's wrong.
    Shall we get into Jack's "cap and trade" carbon tax ideas? Where do you think ANY money comes from when it's a tax? The END user pays. To think otherwise is folly. I live in the coldest, and almost the largest country in the world and I should pay more to heat my home, drive to work, buy fresh fruit, toilet paper... whatever I buy, becasue Jack is going to tax the people who deliver it to the store? I'll pay more for anything that creates emissions during it's manufacture becasue Jack will tax the producer? No thanks. That policy has failed to reduce emission in the EU, and it will fail here too, except that Jack will have a lot more of our money to redistribute.
    Keep the language clean or I'll have to start moderating the posts.
    Profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate.

  8. honestly i agree with you on cap and trade being dumb. however, i dont make my decisions simply because of one dumb policy. at the very least layton has stated he's open to input from the other parties. i disagree with your personal beliefs on the use of profanity but it is your blog so i shall respect your preference.