Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The RCMP and Robert Dziekanski

So this is what being an RCMP officer has come to. Find a guy who can't speak the language, hugely frustrated and agitated, and armed with a stapler, (not a construction sheathing stapler... an office stapler), and diffuse nothing. Just taser the guy, and when he dies... lie. The full tasering is found here.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CR_k-dTnDU  The guy is armed with a folding table... marginally better than the tables we'd eat on when there were too many people over for Sunday lunch at Grandma's house. I'm not sure that's a "weapon" really. OK... smashing the computers was stupid, but he did comply when the security officers arrived, in spite of not speaking English.

What happens when the "officers" arrive is incredible. It's appalling really. You really have to watch it for your self. If you miss it... they taser him twice.

Assuming you watched the video... Aside from the "officer of colour" who tasered him, WTH is the "officer of non colour" doing at 8:28 into the video, after he was tasered and cuffed? About 9 minutes in, it looks like they're starting to do the, "What have we done here?" thinking, followed by our "officer of colour" retrieving his taser wires from "the victim".

Now check out the news report, with the "p-r" guy commenting on the situation. Total bullshit... gleaned from the video, which the RCMP DIDN'T want released.

Court was another joke. "That's not how I remember it" and "I was mistaken, but I was telling the truth" were lines heard. In attempts to justify their initial statements, (arrived at by collusion), they had to defend their fabricated stories in light of the video we all got to watch.

Sure, the RCMP findings today didn't say they "lied", it said their account wasn't "credible". They also met (the four RCMP officers) inappropriately before making their statements. Their statements and their accounts were all the same. The guy was combative, throwing chairs, smashing windows.... That would have been a good move, except that some fool caught the entire altercation on a video. Oops. Busted.

These four guys aren't RCMP officers. If the force think the public will respect the uniform in the future, they had better figure out something to do with these clowns, and a desk job doesn't cut it. Notes are key to any trial... even a speeding ticket, "Your honour, could I refer to my notes?" is probably the most repeated line in any courtroom. Why refer to notes? So you can keep your story straight?

Even after being pressed, after viewing the video they didn't budge. They made excuses, held to their story, because the word "perjury" is understood by these four guys, even if the word "truth" isn't.

My folks raised me to believe that the Police were honest, and forthright. I taught my kids that the Police are fallible, and human, prone to their own biased nature. Maybe I should have taught them that they can't be trusted, because if these four clowns are any indication of what is considered "policing", I think I'm better off being shaken down by the local cop in Tijuana than running afoul of the guys at the Vancouver airport.

Sorry officer... I don't believe you, or you, or you, or you. Listen to the lies this guy tells, after swearing to tell the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmdjotMDdN0&feature=related
In a just society, charges would be laid. Manslaughter. I'm no longer sure we live in a just society.

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