Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Province blinks

Today we're told there will be compensation for the victims of the current flood conditions, specifically in two areas. The folks affected (or not) by the necessary cut into the dike at the Hoop and Holler will be reimbursed 100%, and the Lake Manitoba folks will get 90%.
The "or not" comment is as a result of the big hype that was fore casted preceding the cut, and the calculated water that would flow through the cut. It never really happened. The people still prepared, sand bagged, took time off work, ruined their lawns, moved their decks...all in order to prepare for something that they were told was going to happen, but didn't. The boy who cried wolf? Put his finger in the dike? Whatever... It's clear that the coming deluge of water never materialized, and we are again asking, "Why?"

I don't always have time to read every story in the local paper, but I found this nugget looking for info.
Clearly I'm not the only guy out here asking how they could be off the mark this badly.

Another little gem, calling a spade a... wait a sec... I don't want to be accused of a slur... telling it like it is was this gem.  These folks didn't drink the kool-aid either, and asked some tough questions. The result?

Compensation. Sure, no one has actually said, "Ya, our employees screwed up big, and we're liable", but they may as well have. Cottagers will also be included, a nice surprise, likely as a result of people starting to use the words "class action" around the areas that are 814' ASL around the lake.

Now there are a lot of cottage owners who will receive some help, and I'm never really sure about who decides what and how much. Cottages that were built below the designated elevations apparently will still be receiving compensation. As to why, I'm not sure. I've already seen one completely surrounded, and water lapping at the floor. My initial feeling is pity, but then I wonder... "He built that a few years ago, and no where near as high as everyone else, and way too close to the shore. At what point do we become responsible for our own safety?"
Fall, 2010

How do we keep track of sand bagging time. "Non-arms length help will be calculated at minimum wage". My son worked pretty hard for minimum wage... but then he didn't really expect to get paid, but really, the cleanup after the fact will be at minimum wage? So I should hire someone to drag all the debris off the beach (if we see it again before next summer)? I suppose I understand the rationale, and I can't see me making any claims (as of yet) simply because I don't think it's right, but restoring the yard to make up for the tracks pounded through the soaked mud... I might just get someone in with a machine to do that. And the guy whose cottage is flooded, I did lend him some supplies to help him raise his cabin, (which are floating out there somewhere), I may claim those too, but there isn't a whole lot of cash that can cover the lost "time" for us. The summer will suck, as we'll be worried every time the wind blows, we can't enjoy the place as we've become accustomed to, and maybe a "cottage tax relief" effort should be started. Far better than having me submit receipts for soil, equipment, replacing railway ties, and logging sandbagging hours, how about we just not pay the property taxes on our cabin this year?
Spring, 2011
Rip rap added, slightly different angle to prevent the runners
from getting soaked
And for those of you thinking, "You shouldn't get anything for a cottage, it's a luxury", I wonder how you'd be with MPI telling you, "You don't need a second car, so we're not paying you for it."

I may have wandered off here a bit, but I still think that we can take today's announcement as admission of a complete failure to forecast the flooding along Lake Manitoba, and very poor water stewardship over the winter. Let's hope people remember come October. It's time to sweep out the house.

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