Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There's nothing more relaxing than...

... going to sleep to the sound of waves, unless of course you're a cottage owner on Lake Manitoba. Then you're not sleeping well, if at all.
It's tough to bite your tongue when reading the comments left by the uninformed on the newspaper web sites. "If you build near a lake, you have to expect water" and the like. Idiots. I guess none of them "get" the fact that Winnipeg is built near water, at the confluence of three rivers, (Red, Assiniboine, Seine) as well as numerous other smaller tributaries, almost all of which have been changed dramatically over the past thirty plus years. Winnipeg was saved from inundation by the Portage Diversion. Most Winnipegger's never really think about the "little river", but there is no flood way to protect Winnipeg from that one. If it goes up and over it's banks... too bad for everyone nearby. So what to do? Dump all that water into lake Manitoba.

You may have read about our deck that became a dock. Last weekend we realized that it became a floating swim platform, so we spend the day getting it back to shore and winching a 14' x 16' deck up onto shore. Was it enough?

The wind today has me feeling very apprehensive. We had to take down the small sandbag dikes we had put up to "slow" the waves in order to relocate the deck from the water onto shore, and were too tired to rebuild it, leaving that for this weekend. This evening I read that the waves were crashing 15' up shore and wiping out all sorts of beach in a few hours. I am already pretty tired of going there every weekend to do "damage control"... frankly, I don't really want to go to the cottage anymore. It's depressing. you can work your tail off, and you really feel that it's futile, because there isn't really much the average weekender can do. If the lake, given it's current level, wants to mow down all the trees, tear up your sea wall, destroy your deck, tip your change house over before dragging it out to sink it, and wash all the sand out from under your fire pit... there's nothing you can do about it.

We walk a fine line of wanting to "blame" someone for the lack of notice, as well as the fact that it's happening at all. Insofar as the notice goes, aside from the ineptitude of the officials involved, I don't know how much I would have done differently, but the lake levels... that's another thing. I'm not sure what to do with the anger I feel at times over the mismanagment of the lake levels, and the denials that persisted into mid May regarding the "natural lake levels" and the fact that the Portage Diversion didn't cause the increased levels.

Were they out and out lying, or are they just plain stupid?

Since there are departments for this, and ultimately there are Ministers responsible for departments, could I be the first one to call for Christine Melnick's head?

I want to head out there to see for myself just how bad it all is, but alas, I may only be able to take Friday off early, so I can go work like a fool all weekend again... apparently for minimum wage.

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