Monday, June 13, 2011


I realize that the last number of posts might not be relevant or of interest to many readers, but sometimes a blog like this serves to inform family and friends of things going on. It's easier than mass e-mailing, since only those who care will bother to check it out.

Apparently, the cottages out our way have been evacuated as a result of the road being inundated with water. We left there at about 7 am and while the waves were coming in pretty good, everything seemed under control. The likely reason was that the road was covered, making it unsafe for most folks to remain. Some likely remained to inspect the dikes and control breaches. Apparently Lundar Beach had 4 breaches and was evacuated earlier , but much of their beach line was perpendicular to the direction of the waves. (and we are unsure if this is accurate).

We sand bagged until we were bagged. We stopped at about 36" of height, but questioned some of the other things going on out there. The RM, or the EMO erected "hay bale dikes", but started about 300' away from our property, leaving an open lot (two actually), exposed, with only an 18" tempory dike shored up on the back side with clay. "Why stop there?" we wondered. Or better still, "Why START there?".
Wouldn't it make sense to start at the furthest point?
Now I know that the ground there is lower, and saturated with water as a result of waves pouring over the beach head, but there were "super sand bags" placed at the road, just no one ready to drive them in and place them.

Many thanks to the folks who came out to help. In NO order,

John, Marie, Moniqe, Paul, Josh, Mercedes, Morgan, Mandy, Willa, and my lovely wife.

Many thanks to Les who lives out there and spends a lot of time organizing the "gong show", as well as the equipment operators, volunteer sand bag dike builders, the folks who load the bags onto pallets, the ones bringing sustenance to them, trailer drivers, and the like.

We'll be seriously considering lifting the cabin between 3 and 4' as a preventative measure.

For readers who were waiting for another water stewardship "slam", they did have a truck out there with a driver ferrying volunteers from the staging area to the locations they were needed. Always good to send a representative, but I would have taken the magnetic signs off the doors.

pics might follow... check back

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