Thursday, June 16, 2011

Safety first

Sure. I like safety as much as the next guy. I typically wear a condom all day, just to be safe. (just kidding)
We're working out at the cabin, getting ready to lift it. Beautiful day, calm lake, finally warm, we're tearing off the deck, stockpiling the old lumber when EMO comes by. "You have to be out by 6!"

Huh? 6 what? Why? It's beautiful out, and the lake is no higher than it was last Sunday! Sure, we had a sustained wind, the lake "moved", and the road was inundated, but that doesn't just "happen", it takes ALL DAY LONG, and then ALL NIGHT to move the water around, not just a few hours!

"I can't guarantee your safety, so all civilians have to leave by 6, you can come back in by 9 am."

Guess what? You can't EVER guarantee my safety. I could get hit by a truck driving home (unnecessarily) on Hwy 6., or get shanked on Ellice when I get home. I understand the need to ensure the cottage area isn't filled up with people milling about, given that trucks are driving by, heavy machinery is working, skid steer loaders are operating, and people are "professionally" sand bagging, (since the property owners aren't allowed to anymore), but c'mon... how "safe" is lifting a cabin when the ground is saturated with water?

This whole thing is getting out of control. Since when does a property owner not have the right to protect his property?! Since the "Emergency Measures Act"

8.2(3)      In the emergency prevention order, the local authority may require any party to do one or more of the following to prevent the disaster or emergency or reduce its effects:
(a) control, permit or prohibit travel to or from any area or on any road, street or highway in the affected area;

Ya, ok... so I can't use the road if you say I can't, but really , could someone tell me how this will "prevent the disaster or emergency"? Fact is, not allowing me to remain in my cabin to work 12 hour+ days will do nothing to prevent any emergency.

I do "get it". The road became inundated, someone "ran out of talent" and put their car in the ditch when they were all told to leave, and now we're "playing it safe". Why must life cater to the lowest common denominator? Why do we all have to leave because the people who were superfluous last weekend, and LATE to realize that the weather was getting worse, and waves were crashing over the dikes so they had to be ordered out... why are those of us who left 3 hours earlier because we KNEW it was going to happen... why are we kicked out on a calm sunny day?

4 hours driving... every day. The fuel is gonna add to this expense... and we are WASTING TIME, and NOT preventing the impending disaster or emergency, in fact, by preventing owners from protecting their own property, we are increasing the devastation.

We were told that "government employees experienced in building dikes" will take over the sand bagging efforts. What department is that exactly? How do you become "qualified", because I've seen their dikes. What was needed was a coordinated approach to building the frontage dike by all owners, which basically happened under the direction of ordinary owners. The most exposed places were left by the RM and EMO, and the water clearly ran in torrents through those areas, as evidenced by the debris left behind.

There are people out there in complete denial, or thinking that "it doesn't matter, we'll get compensated". Well it DOES matter. Some cottages aren't worth the effort, I see that, but those people shouldn't be able to allow the whole area to be subject to a non-existent or poorly built dike. Absentee owners, or those with empty properties have done nothing, and finally after last weekends big blow the EMO did SOMETHING on those lots, as opposed to what they did before, which was hope that in my spare time, I'd do it.

Not happy. We're going to piss away great weather, and when we get hit, unfinished, they can send in the "Urban Search and Rescue Team" a few weeks later to help us pick through our "stuff".

This is the best the NDP can do, "scramble" a team that can be mobilized in hours a few weeks after the event.

I guess they had to "study the idea" first.

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