Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some people...

It’s been an eventful week. This place is a gong show. For the uninitiated, we’re out on the shore of Lake Manitoba raising the cabin.
While here, we’ve seen a lot of interesting things. Some make you go, “Ahhh”, and some make you go , “Hmmmm”. Then there are those who make you go, “Grrrrrr.”
Mrs. C made all of us go, “Grrrrr”. Possibly at the top of my list for, “Most disliked person of the year” award, tied with Steve Topping and Philip Mutulu, Mrs. C is one of those people who just need to find a problem, even when there isn’t one.
We called her son to see if we could set up camp on HIS property. It is an unused homestead, and was about 5 (or less) minutes from our work site. He agreed after no thought about it. I assume he understood that these were trying times, we weren’t out “camping”, and needed a break. Mrs. C didn’t like her son’s decision.
She came by one evening and “interrogated” me, asking what lot we were at, how long we’d be, how we got her son’s name and number. I expressed my gratitude, and asked her if she might recommend something her son would appreciate as a token of my appreciation. A gift card for a restaurant? A bottle of wine? “No, I don’t know what he’d like. I don’t think he’d like anything” Hmmmm.
A few days go by and Mrs.C arrives again. “We’re moving a mobile home onto the lot, and the septic truck is coming tomorrow, and the well driller is going to clean out the well, and Hydro is getting hooked up, so you have to leave.”
Note that there was no question mark behind my “really”. It wasn’t a “Really?”, rather a complete, “You are so full of shit” really.
It poured rain that night. The tents were wet, and we got to pack them up at 6:30 and find a place to go stay. She had advised us that the camp ground in town was “nice, and they have electricity, and water, and pump outs, and…”
Note that there was no question mark behind my “really”. It wasn’t a “Really?”, rather a complete, “You are so full of shit” really.
The camp ground hasn’t been mowed all spring on account of the fact that it’s so wet you couldn’t back a trailer onto the grass, and tenting… fugadaboudit. Sure, there’s electrical, but you can’t get to it without rubber boots, and the hook ups? Don’t think so. We booked the last room at the Motel ($75 a night) for the guys, and we set up the camper on a gravel lot. The motel price is somewhat opportunistic I’d think. I’ve paid less for more.
In the end, I hope Mrs. C receives as much grace and compassion as he deserves, which is to say, “none”. If my Mother hadn’t raised me right I’d likely wish she got the plague, but Mom said never to do that. As for her son, he did actually exercise grace and compassion, so I guess he either should be considering a maternity test, or he got those traits from his old man.
BTW, a week later, and no one has done anything on that property.

Folks out here went to a meetin’ a week and a bit ago. They were told that they were no longer able to sand bag. What they were allowed to do was to go put bags on pallets and the “professionals” from the Province would build the dikes “Properly”.
Nice. Perhaps you could just come and insult them…. Oh never mind… you did.
The “professional” sand baggers are chosen very carefully from the reams of over paid under worked Provincial civil servants. They go into an office of (insert some job here like , stenographer, or accountant, or professional dike builder) and ask who wants to go sandbagging for a day with pay. These are the “professionals” coming to show the folks who live there and have real dollars invested there how to build a dike.
Problem is, there aren’t enough of them, and they don’t come long enough, or often enough to accomplish anything greater than can be done by the people with a real vested interest in the work.
Now if you happen to be one of the “professional” sand baggers, don’t feel that his is a slight against you or your efforts. We appreciate you folks coming out, it’s the EMO folks evicting people and telling them they can’t go to their own property to protect it… THOSE are the people we have a problem with. Pin head bureaucrats in some office somewhere… chatting incessantly with water stewardship.
“Hey Steve. How high will the water go?”
 “816 asl”
“OK,thanks”, “I just confirmed that you can only build the dikes to 816.5asl”

 a week later

“Hey Steve. How high will the water go?”
 “817 asl”
“OK,thanks”, “I just confirmed that you can only build the dikes to 817.5asl”

a week later

“Hey Steve. How high will the water go?”
 “817.6 asl”
“OK,thanks”, “I just confirmed that you can only build the dikes to 818 asl”

These jack asses tell the RM how high they are allowed to build the dikes, so they keep going back to make them higher and higher as the water rises. Instead of building it to 821 right off, they like to sneak up on that number, believing that it’s cheaper to keep adding a foot at a time I suppose.

Can you say “gong show”?

The Province is SO inept. Imagine if this were a REAL emergency. Oh ya… IT IS!

The RM asks for military assistance… just for a week. The province says, “Ask the Feds”, the Feds say, “The province has to ask us”.

There is no “up side” politically to having a “state of emergency” declared around the lake. If the province declares a state of emergency, it could spell all sorts of problems for Greg and company… especially the inaction to the numerous “studies” of draining the lake. Seemed that after building the Portage diversion to “fill” the lake, no one ever thought about “draining” it, and there is no “clean party” to this… it’s been going on since ’72…. What was that? Howard Pawly? Sterling Lyon? Ahh… both provincial parties…(no, the Liberals don’t count)

Next post, watch the RM figure out how to get a siren installed, and the “Sudanese Security Forces” ensure law and order prevail out here.

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