Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free water testing, the Somali Security Forces, and other tidbits

Got a call from the RM office this morning. We drove out to the cabin yesterday to drop a few things off, pick a few things up... generally considered to be a 4 hour wasted effort, but it was very hot, and the air conditioned vehicle sure beat working outside in the afternoon.
Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the VERY bright smiles of the Security Company employees. Sure, that's a bit of a joke. People of colour really don't have whiter teeth than the rest of us. There is nothing that makes me think, "we should have white folks doing this", as a matter of fact, I think it's laudable that we are providing some work for recent immigrants, after all, my folks weren't from around these parts either. That said, I do think some proper training might actually be of some benefit. When I pull up, roll down my window and say hello, a bit more than "yes" would be a good response.
These folks are positioned at the end of a road that leads to two dead end roads, one north and one south. There really isn't any "control" of entry, the list of people coming and going is getting better, but I'm pretty sure it's still lost by the end of the shift, or never passed onto the next shift.
We are expected to abandon our cottages and homes, and leave the three folks that are there in charge, only to find out they have been padding their hours, in effect, scamming and cheating their employer.
Do you want someone who is scamming and cheating their employer watching YOUR place?
Again, the provisions of the Emergency Measures Act relieves the RM and the Province from this fiasco if something were to happen, but I don't even want to ask my insurance company about the whole fiasco.
I think a bunch of twenty something from the RM would be better able to keep track of vehicles in/vehicles out, likely cost less, and probably not watch movies on the portable DVD player for hours on end.
The Somali Security force is a joke.
The other thing we did out there yesterday was to test our well water. The RM provided kits at a local building, complete with  two pages of instructions, a label, and contact information.
We followed all the instructions, and returned the small bottle, filled precisely to the line as indicated on the bottle to the same local building. We were told "I'll be sure to get this in tomorrow".
Well today is tomorrow, and the RM calls.
"Sorry, but the free water testing goes in on Wednesdays... every second Wednesday... and the sample is only good for 24 hours... so could you resubmit your sample next week?"

This is beyond stupid. A seasonal community, virtually abandoned during the week, and I'm now expected to plan a Tuesday that is during a waxing moon in a month that ends in "R" or some other criteria no one tells any one else about.

I asked her, "How would I know this? Wouldn't this be something to post on the paper you hand out with instructions? is this something that might have been mentioned by the Reeve at the meeting we had, or posted at the building where we pick up the kits?"
"Well,  it's on some signs around town, and I guess people just hear about it."


Can you believe that someone would even answer in such a nonsensical way? I mean, do these people really get PAID for this work? Is this a favour? Sure the NDP promising "free well water testing in flooded areas" is a nice touch, but the RM providing the sample bottles and organizing to get them in... is this just something I owe them a big thank you for? Would a calendar available in your MS outlook with every second Wednesday highlighted be problematic for you, or is that sort of "service" simply over the top?

I can only hope the well isn't contaminated, because I am too stupid to have my well tested... I can't follow rules I don't know, nor follow instructions I am not given.

The fact that these folks find their way to work every morning amazes me.

Since Wednesday is the day chosen to ferry the bottles in, and since Tuesday is the only available day to gather samples, I can only believe that almost no seasonal folks have availed themselves of the "service". Plan to make the service impossible to use, and no one will use it.


PS. Still no response from the MB Ag office, or Water Stewardship. Nice to see they are so quick to approve flood proofing measures.

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  1. I think that no matter who you have in that job they are likely to watch DVD's for hours on end... DVD's are the new books dontcha know? I fondly remember a job as a teenager guarding some sort of useless gate, the main perk being that I got to sit and read for hours on end :)