Monday, July 18, 2011

Whadda think this is? The Autobahn?!

Some guy thinks his wife and unborn child's life is reason enough to speed! Can you even get your head around it? It's incredible to a regular reader of the FreeP that this guy thought his actions were justified. Clearly Brian Smiley knows better...

What a bunch of blathering idiots. Once again we see the incestuous relationship the ever reaching tentacles of MPI have to regulate drivers licences and their inability to see a forest for the trees.

"Though officials from MPI and RCMP would not comment on the specifics of Weber's case, citing privacy concerns, both noted that protocols are designed to keep Manitoba's roads safe"

Hey Brain, you want to keep the roads safe? How about paying to fix them? Instead, MPI is an organization that is supposed to insure our vehicles, but have been given carte blanche control over registration, driver licensing, insurance, and then they indulge in paying to get traffic enforcement carried out. Nice.

Now lets consider the "fine RCMP officers" involved here. . "I'll escort you to Portage La Prairie".  "No, I need to go to Brandon". "OK, I'll take you there, hurry up, let's go. You've already bled all over your car, no reason to mess mine up, follow me!"

Nope. This "hero" spent time reprimanding the guy for speeding, then "warned" his buddy down the road that they might be coming AFTER writing him a ticket for a grand.

 One word. Sure, it's a compound word, and some people write it as two words, but I think asshole can be written as one word. I don't typically resort to name calling here, it almost weakens the argument by lowering the bar, BUT in this instance, there is no lower the bar can go. "Stupid is as stupid does", as Forrest said.

Speed limits on the Trans Canada are set at 100 Kph. There are numerous states where the speed limit was tossed all together, and others where 75 MPH is normal (121 Kph). The autobahn has no limit, but they do encourage you not to travel faster than 200 Kph, (I couldn't get the rental Honda Civic up past 180Kmh, but I did get an Alfa Romeo GTV (1969) up to... well we don't know because the needle didn't register any more. Sure, the Freeways of the United States and the Autobahn of Germany are no comparison to the TrashCanada Highway. Using them in the same paragraph can only be in a situation where you are mocking our "national path through the woods", but SURELY a speed of 170 KmH is NOT reckless in a situation like this. This is COMPLETELY prudent and RESPONSIBLE behaviour.

Brian. Let's say there's a clearly marked "No swimming after dark" sign on a public pool, but YOUR kid is drowning. Obviously you shouldn't jump in Brian, after all, rules are rules, and they are to be applied to all. I think a trespass charge is in your future. You are so outta line... do you really believe the drivel you spew?

And the magistrate that didn't toss the ticket and just reprimand the guy. "Don't ever do that again, unless of course your wife and son's lives are in danger". Nope. Reduce the fine, but leave the charge on the table.

Clearly this is a ticket that should have never been written, but it doesn't end there. The "fine RCMP officer" radios his buddy in Carberry to tell them this guys is coming. An escort?  NO. Another ticket? Yup.

Good work boys. I'm surprised you didn't taser them both!

Clearly my thinking on Po-Po's is right. You don't have to be real smart to be a cop, and the real lackies are out in the country somewhere... waiting.

The incredible lack of compassion, sensitivity and common sense is mind boggling, especially since we trust these guys to use... common sense.

Smiley said, "RCMP and emergency vehicle drivers are trained to drive at a high rate of speed that average Manitobans aren't capable of". (CTV News, paraphrased). Sure Brian... next 60 second driver tip? I don't care if you and Brian Berkely get along famously, or if Jordan Witzel thinks you're his hero, you're a stooge who prattles of the official mantra of the group of thieves who are now threatening this guy with ANOTHER thousand dollar "fine" by way of an increased drivers license fee.

You clowns are too much.

Take heed. If the life of a loved one, or even some stranger I find on the side of the road, is threatened or in danger, and I am in a position to help them by getting them to a hospital, there WILL be speeding involved, and if you think I'm waiting around for you to write me a ticket, I'm leaving. If you're so sure I'm a danger to society, you'd better be prepared to use your push bar on my vehicle and put me in the ditch, because your actions ARE ALREADY endangering the lives of people.

Better still, maybe you should come get me now.

Good luck at the appeal board. I hope the public screams how stupid this all is.

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