Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new garbage plan. How visionary.

The people at the "waste" department aren't my favourite group of "tall foreheads". Frankly, looking at a lot of how that particular department handles things, I think a retirement and a house cleaning of staff would be in order. I'll wait for "A Day in the Hood" to tear Dromo a new one for his, (ya, OK, blame it on Stantec), visionary ideas that tackle few, if any of Winnipeg's solid waste problems.
We had some great communication prior to their decision to provide us here in the West End with those black chicken cookers on wheels. Over the fairly warm summer, our relatively "vanilla" garbage bin reeked so badly there were times you couldn't walk by. We don't have an issue with it's size, as our small family doesn't typically create enough garbage to fill it more than a third, but other families do. There's this one house, clearly with children, who produce copious amounts of garbage, and their bin is always full, with bags and bags next to the bin... which doesn't get picked up. Walking along the lane, neither does the broken table, the old tires, the overstuffed chair missing it's stuffing...
People don't call 311 to pick up their bulky waste. Who has that kind of time? Take it to Brady Road? Who has THAT kind of time? Dump it in the lane. Eventually someone will get it.
There are no plans for waste transfer stations. No, citizens will have to take their bulky waste to Brady Road, pay $10, (half of which is a provincial fee (?)), risk getting a flat, (or two),, and hope to get out without retching when it's 30 above. Why?
A "recycling" center for computers... brilliant.
How about 4 free trips to the dump a year? How hard would it be to give citizens a "voucher" in their water bill? Nope.
In Winnipeg, we come up with brilliant ideas, like a $50 a year fee for every household. Hmm.
In 2001, Winnipeg had 261,300 private dwellings. At $50 a household, we're talking about $13,065,000!
ANNUALLY!  Really? To recycle more?
Now there are "plans" to expand bulky waste drop off centers in the next 10 years, but the idea of raking in an extra $13 million before then... THAT is a department heads dream come true.
I remember a time when we had three dumps, and you could plan a "dump run" according to what end of the City you were working in. No we have to budget two hours for a round trip, and abuse our vehicles at a facility SO badly run I've requested City Councillors go there "incognito" to see first hand just what the average citizen gets to witness. It isn't pretty.
Again, this department needs a FRESH face, but in Winnipeg, they'll likely promote someone who's been in the department for the past 20 years.

PS. Dromo, we don't need a bigger recycling bin, this one works just fine, and on the occasions when we have more, we put it in a cardboard box. ALL we need is yet another wheeled bin to clutter our already small yards, and struggle to "skid" them out on garbage day, hoping they don't slide away empty, fall into the lane, and get hit by a passing car.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"I dedicate this election to..."

Are you dippers serious? You dedicate the election to Jack Layton's memory?

Why just a few days ago we had a big dipper say something profound. It went something like,

" And if there was one word that might sum up Jack Layton’s unabashed, social democratic message it would be “generosity.” He wanted, in the simplest and most visceral terms, a more generous Canada."

Seems ironic that it was said by a guy who has sucked at the public teet for a very long time, at the funeral of a man all of Canada paid big money to bury. While we have this wonderful shared collective memory of all Jack accomplished... well... really... wait a minute, I'll think of something he actually accomplished. Gimme a minute.

The Manitoba NDP will be dedicating the Provincial election to Jack. How nice. Seems a bit like "using" the memory of someone for political gain, but I suppose some political stripes have little care about such things. I'm surprised they didn't name the St Leon wind farm announcement after him too. (Not that the St Leon windfarm is a good thing, but it's "green" any way you cut it. The electricity costs a lot of green to buy, it costs a lot of green to produce, and it costs a lot of green to get up and running... all virtues the NDP hold near and dear to their collective hearts)

I didn't realize the breadth and width of the NDP's reach. It turns out that we all owe the provincial NDP's a hearty "thank you" for all things good in Manitoba. While they don't laud their abolition of hallway medicine, nor the fact that we are well on our way to being the murder capital of Canada (again!), we do owe Greg, Andy, Dave and Rosanne et al a great big thank you for the Bombers winning record, a nice summer, the return of the Jets, a lake that's risen out of control devastating peoples lives in many areas (special thanks to Christine who was put there because she couldn't screw that up like CFS), a new stadium... OK, so I added a few, but really... watch the add for yourself.

Wow... who knew? Greg is responsible for the Jet's coming back? I though he mocked Hugh when he talked about that... something about "and we'll cancel winter". How's THAT coming Greg? Sure, there were debentures and guarantees in place for Chipman's MTS Center, but really Greg... take credit for it? And the $5billion dollars in Hydro sales over ten years. The last 10, or the next 10? Get any cash on that 2 cent per kw/hr sale? Giving electricity away. You're quite a salesman.
Flood protection? Don't get me going. Any idea the hoops private owners have to go through to use the available programs?  You have to personally front ALL the cash, finish the project, have it inspected, and (maybe) then you get reimbursed. (all that after being the one's who flooded the lake). (yes, I know, they expanded the floodway too)
Cleaning up the lakes, (as opposed to Hugh who wants to fill them with urine).  Which lake have the provincial NDP cleaned up?
3000 more nurses. Uh huh. 500 more doctors. Wow. in 10 years you hired 500 doctors. How many more people have you hired to run all those "health authorities"?

"Please Uncle Greg, could you tell us again how Gary Filmon fired 1000 nurses and brought in reheated toast from Ontario!"
"Not tonight Billy. Tonight I'm going to tell you a really scary story of how the Conservatives privatize EVERY crown corporation!"

We keep hearing about how Filmon privatized MTS, all before ,(but with full knowledge of the impending), deregulation of the telephone industry by the feds. That bloated corporation that had far too many people doing far too little actual work couldn't have possibly stayed afloat in a non-monopoly setting. "Oh we miss our $17 phone bill". Sure you do. Buy a magic jack.

Greg and David (and Sam) are not to be thanked for the stadium, the way it's being built, the scaled down approach, the location, the transportation... the "deal" stank, and still stinks. Sure, it's done, but there are a lot of things that have been done we don't have to be "grateful" for. We did need a new facility, just NOT the way it came about. And the jobs with the CMHR in the background! How much money are you shovelling into THAT Greg?

This guy is slimy. The only politician with a "get out of jail free" card as it relates to the NDP election financing scandal that should have had an enquiry called (Like the PC "vote rigging scandal, which Gary Filmon himself had the honour to call an enquiry into). For the readers who don't know...

The NDP received "free" labour, which had a dollar value assigned to it. Those "non paid" hours were charged as an election  expense. That means YOU and I were BILKED out of that money. Gary and Greg and the gang STOLE from us. Sure,  Manitoba's Chief Electoral Officer found they had done "wrong" and so they paid the money back. No harm no foul right?

I want that kind of break. Ever pay your PST remittance late? Wanna know what the penalty is?  How about personal income tax. If I cheat and try to scam them, can I just pay what I owed in the first place?

This guy... if you wiped the slime off him you'd have one of those Gumby "wire" skeletons left behind.

That gleaming Hydro tower... does anyone really know what it cost to build? In THAT particular organization, does anyone CARE?

The NDP and it's promise to be back to a balanced budget. Could we use Rosanne's accounting principals again to get there? See the PC's promise of 2018 sounds far away, but as long as the NDP keep changing accounting principals to make the numbers work for them, why talk about 2014? Why not just be balanced TODAY?

C'mon. An honest review. Chomiak was going to fix hallway medicine in 6 months. Sure, a little optimistic, but he was in the portfolio for a couple of years I think... F. Failure

Should I go on? For everything they hammered away at, they've done no better, and really, made things worse. Chomiak was also Minister of Justice before Andy. Good job there too. It's little wonder there were rumblings about an emotional breakdown.

It's tough work to be sure, but you'll be measured with the same rod you use to measure others. F. Failure.

People moving back... ya. My oldest is doing what he can to get outta here, and I'm encouraging him. We'll likely end up with more of the same after October.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

"You don't know Jack"

No. I didn't. I hope no one finds it distasteful... so let me begin by saying that the "who'd you want to have a beer with" question probably might have been answered "Jack" as opposed to Iggy or Stephen, providing we were JUST drinking beer.
As an observer, he seemed to believe what he said he did, and didn't appear to sell out to appease. He seemed genuine, and that is missing at times. He was refreshing in that sense.
An untimely death to be sure, I am very sorry for his family, and their loss.

Now let's jump forward to looking at this in a political sense, the NDP is in deep, deep trouble. The party gained "official opposition" status on the backs of disenfranchised Quebec voters tired of electing members who were in a position to accomplish nothing, not understanding that they were doing the same thing over again. They voted for "Jack" and not the NDP or whoever the unknown candidate was in their riding.
As I posted after the election, the NDP needed to prepare a leader before the next election to take over for Jack who would have been retirement age had he the opportunity to be here for it. Now there is no time to "groom" anyone, and frankly, Pat Martin isn't a great choice. Maybe Just Judy will come back, but I doubt it. Blakie... who knows, but how about Malloway? He seems to want to run for whatever is available.
Joking aside, the NDP is going to have quite a time filling the shoes of a man who led his party to their "best showing ever" based almost solely on his persona.
The current interim leader has me worried. I'm worried that she'll bush over whatever gaffe she makes by stating that she didn't mean that and had trouble verbalizing that in the "other official language".(English) I'm also not too sure about anyone who is a staunch federalist... today... or this week. While I can certainly understand jumping ship from say the Conservatives to the Bloc, or the Partis Quebecois, jumping the other way is more of a "problem". I don't care how many times you say, "I only did it to help a friend", you still joined a party who's only goal is to break up the country. being a big friend to big unions doesn't help her break the stereotypical NDP mould either.
All we're really sure about is that the party I suggested would spend a lot of time keeping rookie MP's in line, and work very hard to NOT look like a bunch of unqualified joes will have an even harder time doing that in the next few months.
I think this will put on a good show if you're into that sort of entertainment.

BTW. If Bouchard had passed away in 1993, would he have received a state funeral?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working Families Manitoba (part 2)... out to lunch

Well I was right, and the web site simply drives home the point that these folks have a clear agenda, while skirting actually "supporting" anyone.

On the topic of a  "fair minimum wage" these clowns actually support the idea of raising it to a "living wage".,2

Huh? Hey, here's an idea. DON'T raise the minimum wage so I can afford to go to McD's and get a meal, so I can buy gas without paying more, so I can hire someone to lick envelopes... If these folks don't like the wage available, DON'T work there! Where do we see this from the employers position? What if everyone was paid a higher wage... doesn't this cause inflation? (Sure, I know, it's more complicated than that... but it isn't really) I really did like their take on the Liberal position on things. Are the Liberals really even a party?

Take a peek at their "Health Care" schtick. "In the 1990s, nurses and health care aides were laid off ". Ahh yes, the "Gary Filmon fired 10,000 nurses" drivel. No one "fired" anybody. The positions were transferred from one "health authority" to another, and telling the same lie over and over doesn't make it true... like the "hospital food is coming from Ontario" lie. All that food came from Transcona.
Then they go on to tell us about all the "progress" that's been made over the last decade. Is this not CLEARLY a "the NDP is the best thing since two ply toilet paper" take on our health care system? Now no one actually believes that the Manitoba Federation of Labour is going to talk about how BAD things in health care are because it would reflect badly on a number of their members AND their NDP buddies, but c'mon... progress? So now the "hallway medicine" isn't because you stopped counting people in the hallway?
If I were a dog I could get an MRI in about 3 hours, but as a simple taxpaying human I'm on a list that might decrease if a few of the folks ahead of me die before getting their turn in queue. (ever notice how many vowels there are in queue?)
Their "blog"has a few nice nuggets too... slamming "tax freedom day" as a day when we need to reinvest in our public service sector and not a day to lament our high taxes.

Oh my. Sure, people want services that a government can and should provide, and this is where these people fall down, they pontificate about how important they are without telling us how useless many of them are. There are SO many civil servants that could be let go and NO ONE would notice. In the blog about tax freedom day they tell us how great Canada's deficit situation is. Too bad they didn't include the Provincial debt... or the municipal debt! Out numbers shoot up dramatically when you factor those in. These one sided BS fests can be countered by Fraser Institute reports that put Canadian debt at over $1.5 trillion ($1,500,000,000,000) when you add in the un funded liabilities like pensions for the inverted pyramid scheme known as CPP (and QPP).

Canadians are sick and tired of WASTE. Many of us are also sick and tired of propaganda telling us what Canadians think!

This is left wing, union manipulation clear and simple. Maybe tomorrow we'll go at the "Keep Manitoba Hydro Public" crowd... who are they any way?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Working Families Manitoba"...sounds suspicious

Who are these people? They have money to advertise their ideology that is already clear by their slanted "statements".

Anyone who comes out with  blanket, one sided statements/questions like the following are obviously going in a specific direction.

"Well, there are strong voices out there who believe our minimum wage is too high and workers are paid too much. Others think having and enforcing strong rules to keep workers safe is just red tape.
Most Manitobans would see moving in those directions as a step backwards - and we do, too. That's why we're talking about how important it is to protect our progress in providing workplace safety and financial security for working families - now and in the future."

The campaign is organized by none other than the Manitoba Federation of Labour. No big surprise there I guess, nor is the fact that there are numerous hits in a google search that have other union sites supporting the ideology of the campaign.

Alas, the site is down, and I can't get to the meat and potatoes of it all, but I'm sure there will be a question about believing if all Manitoba children deserve meat and potatoes, and how some people don't think children should be given meat and potatoes, and that's NOT what "most Manitobans" would agree with.

More tomorrow when I hopefully stop getting the "site off line" notification.

For a province that doesn't allow union money to buy elections, this would look like a "not to subtle" way of circumventing that little hiccup.