Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new garbage plan. How visionary.

The people at the "waste" department aren't my favourite group of "tall foreheads". Frankly, looking at a lot of how that particular department handles things, I think a retirement and a house cleaning of staff would be in order. I'll wait for "A Day in the Hood" to tear Dromo a new one for his, (ya, OK, blame it on Stantec), visionary ideas that tackle few, if any of Winnipeg's solid waste problems.
We had some great communication prior to their decision to provide us here in the West End with those black chicken cookers on wheels. Over the fairly warm summer, our relatively "vanilla" garbage bin reeked so badly there were times you couldn't walk by. We don't have an issue with it's size, as our small family doesn't typically create enough garbage to fill it more than a third, but other families do. There's this one house, clearly with children, who produce copious amounts of garbage, and their bin is always full, with bags and bags next to the bin... which doesn't get picked up. Walking along the lane, neither does the broken table, the old tires, the overstuffed chair missing it's stuffing...
People don't call 311 to pick up their bulky waste. Who has that kind of time? Take it to Brady Road? Who has THAT kind of time? Dump it in the lane. Eventually someone will get it.
There are no plans for waste transfer stations. No, citizens will have to take their bulky waste to Brady Road, pay $10, (half of which is a provincial fee (?)), risk getting a flat, (or two),, and hope to get out without retching when it's 30 above. Why?
A "recycling" center for computers... brilliant.
How about 4 free trips to the dump a year? How hard would it be to give citizens a "voucher" in their water bill? Nope.
In Winnipeg, we come up with brilliant ideas, like a $50 a year fee for every household. Hmm.
In 2001, Winnipeg had 261,300 private dwellings. At $50 a household, we're talking about $13,065,000!
ANNUALLY!  Really? To recycle more?
Now there are "plans" to expand bulky waste drop off centers in the next 10 years, but the idea of raking in an extra $13 million before then... THAT is a department heads dream come true.
I remember a time when we had three dumps, and you could plan a "dump run" according to what end of the City you were working in. No we have to budget two hours for a round trip, and abuse our vehicles at a facility SO badly run I've requested City Councillors go there "incognito" to see first hand just what the average citizen gets to witness. It isn't pretty.
Again, this department needs a FRESH face, but in Winnipeg, they'll likely promote someone who's been in the department for the past 20 years.

PS. Dromo, we don't need a bigger recycling bin, this one works just fine, and on the occasions when we have more, we put it in a cardboard box. ALL we need is yet another wheeled bin to clutter our already small yards, and struggle to "skid" them out on garbage day, hoping they don't slide away empty, fall into the lane, and get hit by a passing car.

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