Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working Families Manitoba (part 2)... out to lunch

Well I was right, and the web site simply drives home the point that these folks have a clear agenda, while skirting actually "supporting" anyone.

On the topic of a  "fair minimum wage" these clowns actually support the idea of raising it to a "living wage".


Huh? Hey, here's an idea. DON'T raise the minimum wage so I can afford to go to McD's and get a meal, so I can buy gas without paying more, so I can hire someone to lick envelopes... If these folks don't like the wage available, DON'T work there! Where do we see this from the employers position? What if everyone was paid a higher wage... doesn't this cause inflation? (Sure, I know, it's more complicated than that... but it isn't really) I really did like their take on the Liberal position on things. Are the Liberals really even a party?

Take a peek at their "Health Care" schtick. "In the 1990s, nurses and health care aides were laid off ". Ahh yes, the "Gary Filmon fired 10,000 nurses" drivel. No one "fired" anybody. The positions were transferred from one "health authority" to another, and telling the same lie over and over doesn't make it true... like the "hospital food is coming from Ontario" lie. All that food came from Transcona.
Then they go on to tell us about all the "progress" that's been made over the last decade. Is this not CLEARLY a "the NDP is the best thing since two ply toilet paper" take on our health care system? Now no one actually believes that the Manitoba Federation of Labour is going to talk about how BAD things in health care are because it would reflect badly on a number of their members AND their NDP buddies, but c'mon... progress? So now the "hallway medicine" isn't because you stopped counting people in the hallway?
If I were a dog I could get an MRI in about 3 hours, but as a simple taxpaying human I'm on a list that might decrease if a few of the folks ahead of me die before getting their turn in queue. (ever notice how many vowels there are in queue?)
Their "blog"has a few nice nuggets too... slamming "tax freedom day" as a day when we need to reinvest in our public service sector and not a day to lament our high taxes.

Oh my. Sure, people want services that a government can and should provide, and this is where these people fall down, they pontificate about how important they are without telling us how useless many of them are. There are SO many civil servants that could be let go and NO ONE would notice. In the blog about tax freedom day they tell us how great Canada's deficit situation is. Too bad they didn't include the Provincial debt... or the municipal debt! Out numbers shoot up dramatically when you factor those in. These one sided BS fests can be countered by Fraser Institute reports that put Canadian debt at over $1.5 trillion ($1,500,000,000,000) when you add in the un funded liabilities like pensions for the inverted pyramid scheme known as CPP (and QPP).

Canadians are sick and tired of WASTE. Many of us are also sick and tired of propaganda telling us what Canadians think!

This is left wing, union manipulation clear and simple. Maybe tomorrow we'll go at the "Keep Manitoba Hydro Public" crowd... who are they any way?

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