Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Working Families Manitoba"...sounds suspicious

Who are these people? They have money to advertise their ideology that is already clear by their slanted "statements".

Anyone who comes out with  blanket, one sided statements/questions like the following are obviously going in a specific direction.

"Well, there are strong voices out there who believe our minimum wage is too high and workers are paid too much. Others think having and enforcing strong rules to keep workers safe is just red tape.
Most Manitobans would see moving in those directions as a step backwards - and we do, too. That's why we're talking about how important it is to protect our progress in providing workplace safety and financial security for working families - now and in the future."

The campaign is organized by none other than the Manitoba Federation of Labour. No big surprise there I guess, nor is the fact that there are numerous hits in a google search that have other union sites supporting the ideology of the campaign.

Alas, the site is down, and I can't get to the meat and potatoes of it all, but I'm sure there will be a question about believing if all Manitoba children deserve meat and potatoes, and how some people don't think children should be given meat and potatoes, and that's NOT what "most Manitobans" would agree with.

More tomorrow when I hopefully stop getting the "site off line" notification.

For a province that doesn't allow union money to buy elections, this would look like a "not to subtle" way of circumventing that little hiccup.

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