Thursday, August 25, 2011

"You don't know Jack"

No. I didn't. I hope no one finds it distasteful... so let me begin by saying that the "who'd you want to have a beer with" question probably might have been answered "Jack" as opposed to Iggy or Stephen, providing we were JUST drinking beer.
As an observer, he seemed to believe what he said he did, and didn't appear to sell out to appease. He seemed genuine, and that is missing at times. He was refreshing in that sense.
An untimely death to be sure, I am very sorry for his family, and their loss.

Now let's jump forward to looking at this in a political sense, the NDP is in deep, deep trouble. The party gained "official opposition" status on the backs of disenfranchised Quebec voters tired of electing members who were in a position to accomplish nothing, not understanding that they were doing the same thing over again. They voted for "Jack" and not the NDP or whoever the unknown candidate was in their riding.
As I posted after the election, the NDP needed to prepare a leader before the next election to take over for Jack who would have been retirement age had he the opportunity to be here for it. Now there is no time to "groom" anyone, and frankly, Pat Martin isn't a great choice. Maybe Just Judy will come back, but I doubt it. Blakie... who knows, but how about Malloway? He seems to want to run for whatever is available.
Joking aside, the NDP is going to have quite a time filling the shoes of a man who led his party to their "best showing ever" based almost solely on his persona.
The current interim leader has me worried. I'm worried that she'll bush over whatever gaffe she makes by stating that she didn't mean that and had trouble verbalizing that in the "other official language".(English) I'm also not too sure about anyone who is a staunch federalist... today... or this week. While I can certainly understand jumping ship from say the Conservatives to the Bloc, or the Partis Quebecois, jumping the other way is more of a "problem". I don't care how many times you say, "I only did it to help a friend", you still joined a party who's only goal is to break up the country. being a big friend to big unions doesn't help her break the stereotypical NDP mould either.
All we're really sure about is that the party I suggested would spend a lot of time keeping rookie MP's in line, and work very hard to NOT look like a bunch of unqualified joes will have an even harder time doing that in the next few months.
I think this will put on a good show if you're into that sort of entertainment.

BTW. If Bouchard had passed away in 1993, would he have received a state funeral?

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