Friday, September 30, 2011

At least 46% of people won't like this post

That's the statistical number of people polled who will vote either NDP, or PC. According to CTV, it's a dead heat, so depending on where you stand, let me tell you what I think of the election ads so far.
I think that if I were a thinking member of a party, I'd be incensed at how badly my party has done at getting it's message out... or what message it decided to get out.
Insofar as "my party" goes, it is assumed that there are no Liberal or Green readers, because statistically, (given a +/- 3% poll), you are so insignificant that you really don't matter except as spoilers.
The PC's have done little to get their own "vision" out there. Sure, it's their right, since slamming the incumbents is expected, and easy. You really do expect the folks jockeying for the position of "government" to beat at everything wrong over the past few years, but if that's your idea... you've failed. There was NO mention outside of media questions, of the water mismanagement and this years flood. You'd have thought the PC's would have been all over Alf Warkintin's getting his take on things EARLY, not reacting to a media report. Missed that one. The Brian Sinclair hearing? No, missed that too. Election financing scandal? Nope. Correcting the assertion (lie) that the PC's fired 1000 nurses? No. Talk about the PUB's speculation about Hydro rate hikes, mismanagement there? Nope.
Instead we have promises of new back lanes, the PC's thinking they are better qualified to tell the Winnipeg Police where they need to target resources, and promises of more ambulances instead of changing the drop-off protocols at ER wards, effectively doubling the number of hours EMS personnel can actually respond to real emergencies.
PC's under Hugh have been a lot of things, but awe inspiring... nope. If you are a thinking type, you'd think they didn't think all this out too well.
How about the other group doing what they can to continue to cling to power, today's NDP?
Hugh bashing. I don't remember an election outside of the Cretien era, (you remember the line, "The Alliance-Conservatives have a hidden agenda"), when a party had so little to say about what it has accomplished, and done little other than make the other guy a boogy man.
It's silly really. A union schill in her grubs telling us how she remembers the years when Gary Filmon fired a thousand nurses, the privatizer commercials, Hydro rates going up if you vote for that guy, cutting front line public services, firing doctors, closing hospitals by nailing plywood over the doors and windows... ok, I made that one up (today's NDP, please don't take that idea and turn it into another TV spot).
Frankly, knowing the things I know, I'd have to be stupid to believe the drivel they are trying to sell.
As a thinking sorta guy, I'd be offended that they really think I'm that simple.... so where do you take that?
If what I've just thought has any merit, then you have to wonder who the NDP are tyring to target their advertising to.
Either people who never follow anything in the news or politics, (and there are a lot of them... ask my Mom who her MLA is and she'll ask if that's the person from the city and say something about Katz), or their own followers who they want to motivate.
The first group I guess I understand, but I'd think they are also the least likely to vote at all (actually, I've believed that you should have to pass a quick quiz before getting a ballot, but I digress). The second group... well are we to understand that NDP voters are stupid? Hugh privatized Ontario Hydro? C'mon! Pretty powerful guy! (For the folks who don't know, Ontario Hydro WAS privatized under a PC government, but that was AFTER gross mismanagement (especially in their nuclear energy sector) and hopeless maintenance on the same nuclear plants that caused extended shut downs and higher rates). DO the NDP followers REALLY believe these things? Did they all drink the Kool-Aid?
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a well considered position as to why someone believes in the political ideology they hold to, but to just go on and on about the PC's and Harper with his jets we don't need, and why are we in Afghanistan anyway, (honest... had conversations like this with NDP supporters), yet completely unable to offer up anything other than, "well it would be worse if the PC's were in charge" when you ask, "So how do you like waiting for three months for your hernia operation?" These folks should be glad they didn't have to wait six months to see a specialist BEFORE their three month wait for an operation.
I find it strange that they, at least the one's I've spoken with have little to offer to any conversation aside from, "They help the small guy, they're not the big business crowd."
Uh huh, and unions aren't a business? Just a Mom and Pop trying to get by...
There are things that are hard to reconcile, like the NDP telling us how affordable Manitoba is, yet today minimum wage went up to the third highest in Canada. If it's so affordable here, why does minimum wage have to be only 25 cents less than in Ontario? Toronto is far more expensive than Winnipeg. "But what if they don't live in Toronto? What if they live in Ajax?" Sure, and what if they lived in Arborg and not in Winnipeg?

I'm not unbiased. If I had a credible candidate in my riding, I'd vote for them, but I don't, and can't vote for the status quo. I do have my own political bent, but since I'm not simply throwing my support behind whoever runs under the party flag, I'd like to think that I still have some convictions about voting.

If you're the NDP type... do you, even after your party of choice insulted your intelligence time after time?

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