Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do you remember Woodstock?

No... DON Woodstock. There are these signs with him and some Doctor I think is the leader of the Liberal party in Manitoba. He rides a bike... which is cool as it can be the official party vehicle, capable of transporting all of the elected members to various events...
Don's claim to fame is being the clown who changed "garbage day" to  "recycling day". Somehow, the Doctor figures this qualifies Don to be my representative in the Legislature. I don't think so.
Don has some notoriety... check this out.
Don calls the PM his "brother from a different mother". Now I've referred to some Jamaican friend in this way myself, but my buddy Winston is a bodyman, not the PM. Don, you clearly crack yourself up, but you're not that funny... I mean you are, but not the way you think.
This guy thinks it's OK to put signs on vacant, boarded up buildings. Very visionary.
The Doctor is clearly aligning himself with "wannabees" who not only don't have a clue, they also don't have a chance, and continue to drive politics into the "you don't matter" area.
Really. Brad Gross... again? Didn't we have enough of his BS during the mayoral campaign?

From his web page, "food is a right". Umm... no. Another source I like says, "If a man does not work, he does not eat". Sorry Don... don't agree.
He has a nice post on geo thermal. He clearly has no clue, but pasted a picture of it into his page to make it look like it's something he likes. Ever calculate the electrical consumption costs of running a geothermal heat pumps compressor?
Urban chicken farming? Great, as if I don't have enough issues with neighbours raising rabbits in their basement and venting the stench out their roof vents, but now this guy thinks raising chickens in town is a good idea. Don... I got people living around me who let their dog shit on my lawn, now we're gonna let them have chickens?
Under "10 things you can do" the first one is the great myth we've been fed by the utility companies, including MB Hydro, to convert our incandescent bulbs to CFL's. No one ever really figured out how much MORE space heating we require as a result of the lost heat sources from our old incandescents. We save on our "lighting" costs, but spend more on space heating, (and a lot more on bulbs!)
I know there are a lot of tree hugging environmentalists out there, but c'mon. Buddy... 3 people like your page. Take a hint!

Don, to quote from your soliloquy posted on youtube, "let it be". Go push a pumpkin, sticking to what you're good at.

Doctor. You will be judged by the quality of your"team".

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