Friday, September 2, 2011

Drumming up votes in the lane

Newsflash. Hugh was seen in a back lane promising $$$ to have them paved. This is an election plank? The NDP runs the province into the ground and you come up with THAT?
There are so many issues Hugh could have latched onto... but somehow paved back lanes fall into Winnipeg's newest "must have". No storm sewers and paved roads in Charleswood, no upgrading to the 100 plus year old combined sewer system serving much of Winnipeg's oldest neighbourhoods. No, Hugh is promising a small perk for a small group, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.
Why not promise $40 million with Sam to build a first leg of a LRT system? While I'm no fan (actually I'm an opponent to) of the BRT corridor, even that would have been preferred to something no one but the people living on the street will ever benefit from.
While we are fortunate enough to live on a street WITH concrete, maintaining the lane with a grader is cheaper than the alternative... new concrete. Where Winnipeg has gone wrong is not embracing soft surface lanes, and locating services under them. Sure, initially it sounds stupid, but over the long term... have you any idea what it costs to excavate a hole through a road to access a sewer pipe when you need to renew yours? Or the water line? And in Winter months you can't do any remediation waork to the street, so the hole settles out with the "stabilized fill" (a slurry concrete mix) settles out of sight, and the orange barricades are plowed over after tipping, leaving a hole of old testament proportions to swallow up any passing Prius.
This is a bad move, and frankly I'm not sure it says anything other than "Hugh is grasping for fresh ideas".
He should call... I could help.

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  1. I am disappointed in the PC campaign so far. This backlane thing is just vote buying. Yes, many backlanes are in crap condition, but that is a civic problem, not a provincial problem, and as you point out there are other priorities.